5 mistakes you should avoid during a visit to London - Imperial Ride


Posted on 11-Sep-2020

London has been a popular destination for tourists for years because of its rich history, culture, and sightseeing places. Many tourists come every year, but there is still a fair share of new tourists visiting London each year. These new people tend to make mistakes that should be avoided in London for the sake of themselves and others and get the best London experience.

If you are planning a trip to London, do your research about the city and its places. Go through famous places listed and less known places, popular cuisine, ethic and mannerism, and budget options. In order to assist you in your trip-related research about London, we have compiled the top 5 mistakes that a traveller makes when touring London. So when you make a trip to London on your next vacation, keep these in mind for a great experience. 

Forget to Pre-Book

London is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction each year, but not many know that it can sometimes be really expensive. Accommodation, transportation, and some tourist attractions are the most expensive in London, but you can avoid spending extra money by booking in advance. Do not waste your precious time while standing in line at Luton Airport or other London AIrports. Instead, book a London Airport transfer service or chauffeur service London because It is a lot cheaper than an airport taxi, and you get to ride in comfort from the airport to your destination. As for the hotels and restaurants, pre-book your places to avail discounts and save money. 

Not getting an Oyster Card

Oyster card is an easy and convenient payment method for tubes, trains, and buses in London, United Kingdom. It is a blue credit card size contactless smart card, promoted by Transport for London, and can be used for travelling in any part or some parts outside London. When you come to London, it's the wisest and most efficient decision to get an oyster card first, especially if you are on a budget. There are tons of places to visit, and you will be travelling to a lot of places in London. Therefore, do not make a mistake of not getting an Oyster card. Tickets and transportation are expensive, especially during peak hours, and you will be likely to spend extra pounds and disturb your budget. The card is reusable, cheaper, and you can top up the balance anytime electronically. 

Missing out on free sightseeing places 

The biggest mistake you can make in London during your visit is to miss out on free sightseeing places. Don't waste your money on expensive ticket places and ignore the sightseeing places such as The Sky Garden, Alexandra Palace, Parliament Hill, and the Tate Modern. Use a 'hop-on, hop-off' bus tour, in which you can drop at any place and enjoy major sights in London at a minimum cost. Moreover, there are many more free entrance museums such as The British Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Tate Modern, and the National Gallery. Also, some local attractions, and other sites, including the Thames river view and Hyde Park located in London, which you can enjoy to the fullest without spending any. 

Not planning your day ahead.

Whether you plan a visit to London for a few days or weeks, always plan each day to get the best experience. Start planning by first checking the weather on the day of the visit because London has the rainiest weather, no matter the day of the year. Make sure to plan your day accordingly because you can not visit parks or open sightseeing spaces when it is raining heavily, or if you wish to go, always keep an umbrella with you or waterproof shoes. Furthermore, plan your visit according to the famous and easiest routes to the tourist attractions and lesser-known places in London. Do not stick to London's famous fish and chips; in fact, go around and discover other delicious cuisines. Also, you must try Yorkshire pudding, banger, mash, and Full English Breakfast. 

Sticking to Central London 

Central London is a popular hub for tourists due to several sightseeing places and stuff. However, tourists mistake sticking to only this part when visiting London and fail to see the other best places in London. Do not stay just in this part of London, but zone out your days to ? part at least. When you expand out your plan, you will get a local Londoner experience instead of just a tourist experience.