5 places to visit in UK during summers


Updated on 26-May-2021

UK (an abbreviation of the United Kingdom) comprises four countries Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. It has the sixth-largest economy by GDP in the world. The UK has always been the center of attraction for tourists. It has numerous places that can amaze tourists and are worth watching. During the summer season, these places completely express their beauty. You can visit these places from the airport by using public transport or?airport transfer?services in the UK. The following are five unique places to stay in the UK.


  1. Ancient Stonehenge

It is one of the oldest heritage of the world. It has been considered the sacred place for worship for more than 45 hundred years. Now it is an excellent place for tourism. This place is spread over the 20 square Km of area. This large area provides a clear view of the stones presents there. It gives a beautiful glimpse of nature and the history of humanity.

  1. The university town of Cambridge and oxford

Oxford University has an excellent reputation in the education world for a long time. It has been acting as the rival of Cambridge University. Their rivalries have a long history as their foundations. The two popular towns associated with these universities provide a charming appearance. The tourists have always attracted these towns. If you are landing at Heathrow Airport London, you can book a?chauffeur London service?and visit the university town of oxford first. It is just at a distance of 40 miles, but it has all the qualities to mesmerize the visitor.

  1. Loch Ness and Inverness

Loch Ness has abundant natural beauty. It is a famous place among travelers going towards Scotland. It provides the most beautiful scenery in the UK. The view of the water offers a distinct comfort and pleasure. It is a famous place for hunting monsters. Inverness is also a source of attraction for tourists, which is a little far towards the north.

  1. Scottish Highlands

Are you fond of visiting natural parks? Scottish Highlands should be your preferred choice if you are in the UK. No other park can please your mood other than this place. This place is best for hiking and long walks. The site is the real beauty of nature, which has no match. You can easily move to nearby Loss Ness and Inverness for the monster hunt from here.

  1. Exmoor

Maybe you think that the sky looks similar at every point of the planet, but you are wrong. Exmoor has a distinct sky view from here, especially at night. On the summer nights, the shiny start on the open and dark sky provides peaceful and mind-blowing scenes. This is a preferable place for tourists.?

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