5 Vegan-Friendly Places to Visit When you Travel to London, UK - Imperial Ride


Posted on 25-Sep-2020

According to an online vegan restaurant guide website which provides vegetarian restaurant guides in the world, London ranks on the top as the most vegan-friendly city in their annual ranking. Currently, London has approximately 335 numbers of vegan-friendly eateries all over the city. Simply hire a Chauffeur service London from the airport and ask him to drop you at any vegan restaurants. Chauffeur serves as local guides too, and while you ride comfortably, you can get to go to your desired location safely. Mercedes V Class is a widely popular business class chauffeur car and used as a common mode of transportation by tourists. You can easily hire it from any chauffeur company in London and get to tour the city in safety and comfort. 

London offers you every kind of vegan food because dull plant-based foods are gone, and fancy and full of tasty vegan and gluten-free eateries have taken over the place. Here in this article, we have made things easy for you by top picking the best vegan places that you must visit while travelling in London, UK. Whether you are looking for plant-based recipes, world cuisine, vegan fast food or baked eateries, we have got you covered. Here are our top picks:

  1. The Gate

The Gate opened 30 years ago and has been serving vegans before it became a trend or mainstream. They serve Indo-Iraqi-Jewish inspired cuisine, and their menu literally consists of 90% plant-based food. The Gate has expanded its branches to Islington, Marylebone, Hammersmith and St John's Wood, you can visit any of them to get a taste of their amazing vegan food. Some of the popular dishes you must try, aubergine schnitzel with cashew cheese and pesto, miso-glazed aubergines, courgette flower filled with ricotta, wild mushroom risotto cake and meat-free tagine, also on the weekends they serve complete vegan English brunch. 

  1. Anita's Kitchen

London is the most-culture and vegan-friendly city in the UK. It is because people come here from their countries around the world and open up a diner serving their local vegan food. Anita's Kitchen located in Harrow is also such an example as they specialize in Indian, African and Middle Eastern cuisines and holds workshops for people willing to learn the dishes. You should visit to learn about their culture and cooking, and try these recipes at home. 

  1. Biff's Jack Shack

Biff's Jack Shack at Stoke Newington Rd, is a place to visit if you find yourself craving some fast food but with vegan ingredients. You can fulfil your meat craving with a piece of fruit because this restaurant specializes in vegan junk food made with jackfruit. When jackfruit is fried, it comes out with the same texture as pulled pork. Moreover, they have deep-fried fruit that is served as "wings" or in stacked burgers along with chipotle slaw and vegan cheese. 

  1. Cookies and Scream

If you are craving something sweet and savoury but vegan, then we recommend the best vegan and gluten-free bakery located at Holloway Road, North London. Cookies and Scream specialize in vegan and gluten-free cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, brownies and doughnuts, all ready and available along with shakes and vegan ice cream. 

  1. Genesis

Genesis was founded by two brothers, Alex and Oliver Santoro, as an act of filial rebellion. Their family had a 100-year old history of business in the meat industry, but they decided to establish an eco-friendly, vegan and organic diner in London. Though after their stepping down as owners, Genesis continues to serve people at the Spitalfields location. This commercial street vegan restaurant brings street food from around the world to your table. It is said that restaurants that make a mix of world foods should be avoided, but you should make an exception for Genesis. They make the best vegan street foods in London, from seitan shawarma with tahini sauce, smoky chipotle beans, to fried avocado tacos and many more. Also, don't forget to try out their vegan chocolate milkshake, undoubtedly the best in town.