A Luxurious Chauffeur Journey from London to Paris


Updated on 19-Apr-2024

Captivating Journey from London to Paris, Chauffeur’s perspective

At Imperial Ride, our aim is to provide top-class long-distance chauffeur services that let us satisfy the requirements of the most demanding travellers. Our last trip from the lively streets of London to the beautiful Paris is proof of our excellence and the dedication to providing the best travel experience.

The trip began by the hotel car pickup that was punctual from the Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection that is situated in the centre of London. Our chauffeur showed up at 10:23 at the expected location, which resulted in a stress-free beginning to the trip of our passengers. Promptly at 10:30 am, when passengers boarded, and the chauffeur helped with their luggage, we headed for the Eurotunnel in Folkestone, the gateway to Europe and UK both ways.

Crossing the Channel from Folkestone: An Efficient Border Crossing


After bidding farewell to the urban city of London, the green countryside of Kent and Bexley, greeted us with a breath-taking view. The background was a huge green landscape, made up of picturesque villages and the English Channel. The journey to Folkestone took us roughly 2 hours, and by the time we reached the border, its rapid and smooth crossing pleasantly surprised us.


The French and UK immigration processes took place within 10-15 minutes, which allowed us to hop on the Eurotunnel train and head to Calais, France, where our crossing started. The journey through the Eurotunnel was very pleasant and relaxing, with our vehicle parked in a secure position on the train. Our 35-minute journey led us to cross the border from Folkestone to Calais where we offloaded our vehicle at Coquelles, France area, and continued with our drive to the City of Light.



Driving through the Scenic Beauty of Northern France

As we left Eurotunnel behind, we were welcomed by the living and alluring sceneries of Northern France. The A15 motorway, the preferred route for us, ensured an easy and quick passage, where we were amazed by the wonderful views that we kept coming across.

While we were moving across the countryside of France, we enjoyed the most beautiful spectacle - fields of green, villages, and sometimes, we could see the ancient castles. The Somme area, known for its active participation in World War I, became a vivid place with the landscape of gently rolling hills and scenic towns reflecting historical heritage.

The region of Picardy with its gigantic Gothic cathedrals and mediaeval architecture is well known and we crossed during our trip. Amiens is the town where we saw the breathtaking Amiens Cathedral, which is the major part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If our esteemed guests prefer we can always stop for a refreshing visit to these beautiful areas that we cross on this route.

Getting Through the French Tolls without Problems.

The costs for tolls on the A15 motorway were 24 Euros on the way to Paris, a small price for the comfort and convenience of our journey. The good upkeep of the French roads gave us a smooth and quick driving experience, which made our trip easier while we were enjoying the wonderful scenery.


The City of Light, France is where we arrived with our happy passengers

With every passing minute; the world-famous Parisian landmarks seemed to appear on the horizon, until they eventually became visible. The Triomphe Roundabout, with its Arc de Triomphe, a triumphal arch, was like an entrance to the city. Our customers were speechless at the sight of this monument, which was the first among many that made their Parisian adventure to remember.

Finally, we arrived at the luxurious Bvlgari Hotel in Paris, precisely at 6:00 pm Local time, as it was on schedule. On arrival, our guests were treated to the hotel's exquisite service and superb decorations, and so, their stay in Paris was made perfect and the journey with our professional chauffeur and Imperial Ride’s comfortable E Class was elegant and smooth. The seamless journey and the exceptional service are the key factors that brings the customer satisfaction.

The chauffeur spent a well-deserved 1-hour rest after dropping off passengers, and moved towards London. The road that led us back followed the same direct path, allowing us the opportunity to appreciate the breath-taking landscapes again.

During our journey through the French countryside, we saw the changing scenery, which ranged from lush farmlands of Picardy to the beautiful villages that were so closely knit together. The Somme region, with its undulating hills and historical heritage, will always be well-remembered by the customers and us of course.


The cost of the tolls on our return journey came up to 18 euros, which is nothing compared to the comfort and convenience that we received with this mode of transportation. The chauffeur arrived safely at London base at 1:00 am and with this journey finished in a smooth and punctual fashion.

This self-experienced journey and our customer feedback proved that the journey from London to France or elsewhere in Europe is more fun that taking an aeroplane.

At Imperial Ride, we believe that long-distance travel may be the stressful one, but our dedication to the best quality will help our clients to enjoy a journey at the highest level. Our recent trip to Paris is one of many evidence to our care, our professionalism and our constant commitment to giving the best possible service.

Avail the Advantage of Imperial Ride's Long Distance Chauffeur Service with Us

No matter if you're an executive with a tight schedule to a traveller seeking for relaxation, Imperial Ride's long-distance chauffeur service is the best option for you to be at ease and enjoy the luxury. Our staff of trained chauffeurs, complete with the most advanced tools and personal care, are dedicated to ensuring that everything about your trip is spotless and comfortable from the instant you step on board till you get where you are going.

The scenery of the English countryside with its picturesque rolling hills and the historical places in Northern France will be a rich visual treat for the artists. Chauffeur services by Imperial Ride, will let you to sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the surroundings. By virtue of our familiarity with the roads and the border crossing, you will be able to appreciate the trip by just relaxing and enjoying yourself while we do all the driving.

Superior Journeys is focused on making an unforgettable and exceptional tour for our clients so that they are happy, and their expectations are exceeded.

Contact us now and find out how our long-distance chauffeur service can make your London-to-Paris or any other Europe destination journey a remarkable experience.


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