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Updated on 06-May-2024

Britain's most recognized sporting event is the Ascot Racing. Located in the middle of Berkshire. Ascot Racecourse is the example of British tradition and splendor. Since its opening in 1711, this world-famous venue has hosted some of the greatest horse racing events, with royalty, nobility, and many other high-class fans attending them. Imperial Ride is proud to give our valued customers the top in luxury transportation and be a part of this significant event.

The Royal Ascot is certainly one of the most awaited events of the year.

The Royal Ascot, a five-day event that usually takes place during the Ascot season, is by far the showpiece event chauffeur of the Ascot races as evidenced by giddy expectations. The Queen attended the event where rank in the society was traditionally recognized and distinguished by horsemanship itself and other noblemen and women of the Royal Family.

It is the time that the gates of the Ascot racecourse open, those who are donned in the most sophisticated styles descend upon the grounds, to revel in the unrivaled splendor and magnetism of this event. Ranging from stamping of horses on the grass to the bursting of champagne bottles in the champions area, the Royal Ascot presents a unique audio and video extravaganza that no other place can match.

Imperial Ride: Your classy Ascot partner.

While we understand it is not only a sport, we also know that it has to be accompanied with maximum sophistication and attention to detail. Our limousines brands are the world-renowned Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, and Mercedes Benz V-Class, the Range Rover Autobiography, and Rolls-Royce, is always well-maintained to ensure that comfort and luxury are part of your trip.

Our chauffeur service will assist you in having a superior Ascot experience. The moment you enter vehicle, you will find full of luxury experience. The professional and experienced chauffeurs drive you to the destination with the intent to make the journey more smooth and spectacular. As soon as you climb into our car, you will be made to feel as if you were an exalted passenger.

Our chauffeurs will ensure you get to your destination in time and with style, whether you need transportation for a day or the Ascot racing event. This will give you a chance to be part of the whole atmosphere.

Tailored Packages for All Events without Exception

At Imperial Ride, we are very proud to have tailored chauffeur packages that are unique and designed to meet your needs and tastes. We will devote sufficient time and effort in developing a solution that perfectly fits your budget and schedule, from hourly rentals to daily or weekly packages.

If you crave an outing that promises you the most convenience, our return trip packages are designed to make sure that you can have the fun of the races and don't have to worry about traffic or parking. Leave it all to our chauffeurs and just relax.

The Ascot races are genuinely favorite and much-expected event not only by locals but also by guests from the entire UK and even the world. Along with the fully-fledged range of transportation services, your trip will be smooth and comfortable no matter if you live here or you come to this area from any other place in the world.

Our Professional Chauffeurs

We know the labyrinths of the British roads like the back of our heads, so you can be at ease and have a nice time while we navigate the way through the traffic and look for a parking lot.

The greatest driving force of our service is that it makes it possible for international travelers who arrive at any of London's major airports to be able to get to the entrance of the Ascot Racecourse with ease. Airport transfer is one of the priority services that we provide, with a guarantee that a professional chauffeur will be at the airport with one of our luxury vehicles, sure to make your trip a comfortable, luxurious experience.

We are not finished until we are at the top level of excellence. It includes the cleanliness of the cars we operate and the behavior of our chauffeurs who have to meet impeccable standards.

Besides being skilled in finding their way, our chauffeurs are also great territory ambassadors who can give you tips and advice to make your Ascot trip even more compelling. Whether you are interested in finding the best views of the area, the best restaurants, or the coolest things to keep you busy, our team is always there to assist you.

In conclusion

With the applause from the stands at Ascot Racecourse striking the ear, Imperial Ride is there to take you on a journey in the most lavish and pampered setting. Because we care about comfort, personalized service, and the little things, we endeavor to make sure that your journey from and to the place where this sporting event takes place is just as fascinating as the races themselves. Enjoy the imperial journey to Ascot and get a taste of the top-class style at its best.


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