Imperial Ride’s list of top restaurants offered in Kensington. We highly recommend these eateries if you wish to experience luxury on a plate on your visit to London.

Babylon at the Roof Gardens – 99 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, W8 55A


Need to organise an intimate wedding dinner for a dozen guests? With our expertise of wedding planning we can offer a unique and memorable experience that cater to your needs.  If you’re having a stressful week, then why not enjoy the live jazz and possibly the best food you’ve ever tasted as well as resting in the softest, most comfortable seat you will ever love.

Your taste buds are truly going to be thrilled with the menu which Babylon has to offer. Award winning and described as contemporary British cuisine, the menu is continuously changing as they only use seasonal and fresh produce. The menu offers the freshest salmon, wrapped carefully with courgette flower to give you the most wonderful flavours and showcase how food can be colourful and an art form itself. Lasagne, pork fillet, black pudding, pork crackling with pork ribs and truffles, are all freshly made here and don’t worry, there is much more on offer from the menu, guaranteed to leave you with a memorable experience.


The Britannia – 1 Allen Street, London, W8 6UX


Britannia is nicely hidden away from all the busy madness just behind Kensington high street, providing a comfortable and quiet surrounding. The interior of the restaurant is traditional, with features like a fireplace and old woodwork, which will take you back to the feel of England in the 1800s.

As you can tell, the name Britannia associates with British food. The food is prepared to an exceptional standard with reasonable prices, it also pays tribute to traditional British cuisine such as traditional roasts, black pudding, and butternut with truffle soup, cured meats as well as monkfish. Don’t worry, there is much more on offer, just pop by and see how delightful this restaurant is, contained in a relaxing atmosphere with great food in the heart of Kensington.


Balans Soho Society – 187 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, W8 6SH


Vegetarian dishes don’t have to be boring. The burnt aubergine baba ganoush is refreshing and flavoursome. Besides their famous burger there are healthier options like fish, roast hake and sesame tuna. The white beans and tomato stew that accompany the hake, and pak choi with the tuna, will be a menu that will compliment your health-conscious mind.


Park Terrace Restaurant – Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT


Enjoy a fresh and delicious modern cuisine, which over looks the magnificent Kensington Gardens. The park terrace lounge is situated inside the royal garden hotel which is renowned for its 5 star service. The restaurant provide a classy environment for those who love fine dining, being well taken care of and for lovers of rare and exceptional wine varieties.


A well-made raspberry souffle with fresh raspberries and a rich velvety raspberry sauce to accompany it. Don’t despair, the park terrace will provide you with any type of food, any time. From great continental breakfasts to a light salad with mozzarella cheese pasta lunch, all the way to roasted sirloin steak and beef wellington. There is so much to choose from and a great vibrant atmosphere which we can assure will not disappoint!

No matter which restaurant you pick from our list, you are guaranteed to have a great time at each of these classy places. To make your visit even better, it is highly recommended that you take this chance to travel in one of our classiest chauffeured cars. This would be even better – perhaps necessary – if you chose to arrange a date with your significant other, or even for a business meeting, at any of these locations. In case of the former, your partner would surely appreciate a chance at luxury travel with the person that they love. As for the latter, it would cast a great impression on whoever you are to meet at your destination.

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