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Our service uses a computerised system called ?central reservation system? to go through with bookings and reservations which have been integrated worldwide to be used for air travel and later extended to many more facilities and services such as chauffeur service. Our brand new smartphone customer application will make your bookings swift and easy to complete. Users will have total communication control with the assigned driver from the point of successful booking to make it easier to notify the driver of any possible changes.

All you need to do is to equip your smart phone with the Imperial Ride Driver app. At this point you are just few clicks away from viewing all required details at your fingertips. Giving you the entire control of the booking, we match with a state-of-the-art service using distinguished technology.


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chauffeur service


Book a car via App or on our website: enter the destination address, time and date. Our app is easy to access and extremely user-friendly. Enter your start, as well as end location and further, select the car you desire, and within just a few minutes we will be at your doorstep.

Demand for your desired location by entering your pick up and drop off point, or  by selecting both destinations on the map using a drop pin. Check the rate in real time; this can be done by using our visually pleasing and easy to use application, where you can check the prices and rates in real time for each vehicle for your destination. Calculate the trip mileage since your trip mileage is calculated based on the fastest and shortest route with our user-friendly application. On our App, you can book one way or hourly services plus the app is available for Android and iOS devices.

  • Select your preferred car:booking


In this section, you can choose the type of car and price that suites you best. Important information is available, for example the passenger and luggage capacity. Our selections include Mercedes Benz E/V/S-class, Range Rover Vogue, Rolls Royce Phantom, Toyota Prius and Bentley Flying Spur. Our fleet consists of the latest Mercedes Benz E-class for business use, preferred by most of our clients. Additionally, Mercedes Benz V-class for spacious business class use, for large parties who require luggage area. Finally, our luxurious Mercedes Benz S-class can be by enjoyed by anyone who loves high quality comfort, space and style.

Our offers, discounts and monthly billing to corporate clients indeed add value to our global presence. We have a fixed price institution and adhere to that custom. Lower rates and impeccable services have added an additional badge of excellence on our shoulders, as compared to our competition. Our pricing comes inclusive of all fees and taxes, which can be confirmed effortlessly, prior to bookings.

Curious about knowing the exact cost of your ride, Imperial Ride invites you to know the exact cost of the journey before booking. You can find out the cost in just a blink of an eye by entering the details of your trip on our mobile application.

  • Sign up/Register:

Sign up or register in a simple process, allows easy access for your next trip. You will now be directed to a webpage where you input your contact details such as your name and email address. This enables us to register you with our company and complete the booking.  

  • Choose the payment method and book:

The payment page allows you to quickly pay for the service and therefore it is recorded electronically- no need to use cash and we have it on our records so your booking is guaranteed and safe with us. You can select a method of payment and you can enter any extras such as voucher code, pickup sign, reference or comments. Our fares are inclusive of all the taxes, fees and tips. The costs are calculated in the fairest way possible so that we can furnish you with a careful price. We believe in an honest approach and seek for a long-term alliance with our clients. Free cancellation 1 hour before start of your ride.

  • Email confirmation:

You will shortly receive your booking confirmation, along with the driver?s information to your e-mail. This email ensures that your booking information is correctly provided which will help facilitate a smooth transaction.  

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