Common Chauffeur Service Misconceptions and Myths


Updated on 04-Mar-2022

According to us, everyone should take a chauffeur at least once in their lives. There's something to be said for an extended Chauffeur's elegant opulence. Despite this, many people have yet to have this experience. Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions concerning Chauffeur services, and some of these have led to consumers believing that Chauffeurs aren't for them. We believe everyone has a time and place to ride in a chauffeur, so let's dispel some prevalent myths.

Chauffeurs are reserved for VIPs only

The Chauffeur is an iconic symbol for the wealthy; it's what the president rides in, what movie stars step out of on the red carpet, what ultra-high-profile CEOs hire in movies, and so on.  Many people accept the myth that Chauffeurs always have someone wonderful in them because, truth is told, it's all we see in movies and the media.

The truth is that, while Chauffeurs are popular among wealthy VIPs, anyone, even your children, may enjoy one, and you don't have to be wealthy to do so! Sometimes the average person just wants a sophisticated and glamorous night out, and you can guarantee Imperial Chauffeur Services can supply it!

Chauffeur Services Are Expensive

Okay, hiring a chauffeur could be expensive, but most people don't have that on their to-do list. Chauffeurs are the epitome of luxury?stretch cars with tastefully adorned interiors and various amenities, driven by experienced chauffeurs. Of course, it's easy to conclude that they're most likely pricey.

However, when you break it down, Chauffeur Services are significantly less expensive than you might imagine! Like most chauffeur service providers, Imperial Chauffeur offers two payment options: hourly and one-time trips. Both alternatives are reasonably priced based on your destination and required time, ensuring that you receive your money's worth.

Riding in an elegant chauffeur service is very frequently a group activity. You can typically get away with a chauffeured trip for less than the price of dinner and a movie if you split the cost among the party. Our chauffeur rides are priced dependent on the specifics of your journey; if you're curious about costs, please contact us for a free quotation!

Only Use Chauffeur Services for Special Occasions

Confirmation bias contributes to the perpetuation of this myth. Most individuals don't see Chauffeurs daily, and for some, their only encounter with one is when they're attending a special event. It's not uncommon to see Chauffeurs dropping people off at a birthday party, a prom dance, or a football game.

When it comes down to it, though, Chauffeurs are always available for hire, regardless of the occasion! Do you want to hire a chauffeur just to experience what it's like to ride in one?. Do you want to hire a chauffeur to transport you home from work just for fun? Would you want to hire a chauffeur to drive you to Burger King? We're not suggesting that individuals hire Chauffeurs for no reason, but we do want to emphasise that the occasion doesn't have to be spectacular or meaningful! Imperial Ride is always available to transport you in a Chauffeur driven vehicle.

Low-cost Chauffeur Services use only old Chauffeurs

People appear to be always trying to justify why they aren't wealthy enough to afford a luxurious chauffeur ride. This line of reasoning has been repeated many times: Chauffeurs must only be for VIPs, and if they aren't, they must be prohibitively expensive. And if they aren't, it's because they're exclusively for rare occasions. If they aren't, they must rely on ancient, out-of-date Chauffeurs.

No, that's another urban legend! Most chauffeur companies have modern and fascinating cars beyond the standard six-person stretch Town Car (though we do have that for the traditionalists).

Another thing you might not know is that chauffeur firms often offer additional luxury car alternatives than just Chauffeurs Service.

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