Posted on 20-May-2019

Fascinations are not only an alternative for any attractions but also a point of view of a person. It depicts how you see the world around you. Your perception. Your choice luxury car . It is the representation of someone?s choices they want to make or opportunities they want to grab or ambiances they want to become a part of. It is the likes of any being which a few times are dominated by criteria?s which can never be overcome. Because we are helpless at the time. The popular epitome in the case is of affordability or power to afford things that a large proportion of people on this earth do not possess. This low budgeting cannot let them have hands on the things that fascinate them. That can be anything. It can be traveling that fascinates a person, it can be good books that fascinate a person, some of them get attracted by good clothing so they keep on collecting, and some beings are fascinated by good grades so they strive to work hard. It differs everywhere.

Luxury Car

My Dream

To me, it is the luxury car, what has always been a highlight of my life and I have always desired for. Being a girl, that is almost as contrary as a boy collecting Barbie dolls. But I BELIEVE TO BREAK STEREOTYPES.

The best part about the addictive fascinations to luxury car was seen at my wedding. I wished and planned to arrive at the church in a super?luxury car to give a grand and spectacular entry for the most special event for my life. The issue raised the questions how will I get a car of my choice, who will drive that safely.

Chauffeur Services

The solution of hiring a chauffeur service was suggested by my cousin. I along with my cousins started searching the available choices in my town. Soon I came to know that most of the services are incomplete by means of facilitating clients. Actually, they are only doing business without focusing on the needs of clients. Most of them have nonflexible plans and still are charging high.

What I was Looking For

To fix the issue I listed down my requirements so that I and my cousin?s team find the right service at best prices and my requirements were:

  • A Mercedes Benz to pick me from my home and drop me to church.
  • Wait for two to three hours.
  • After the end of the church ceremony, take me and my husband to the hotel.
  • The car should be decorated.
  • The driver should follow proper protocols, have good driving skills and should be well dressed.
  • The ride should be comfortable
  • The service should assure proper safety.
  • Waiting charges should not be too high.
  • The car should arrive on time.
  • In case of exceptional delay in wedding party or arrival of the bride, the chauffeur should cooperate with me.
  • The rent of car and driver should be affordable.

Getting all in a single service was a big issue but somehow we found a service of our choice. Imperial Ride was the name of service.

Wedding Day

Finally, the wedding day arrived. Many of my dreams were coming to be true. Among them, one was of a?luxury car ride and special entry with a car at church. I was completely ready, wearing a white dress, holding a flower bunch in my hands. I was too happy and was early waiting for my car to arrive, I was looking at the clock again and again. Still, some minutes were reaming in the time that I gave to chauffeur service. Exactly 5 minutes before the given time the car arrived at the door of my home. I saw it from my window and my heart was filled with excitement and delight.

The car was amazingly decorated. It was just the way I like it to be. The decoration was of fresh flowers, not too heavy and too light. It was up to the mark. The sophistication of car and the best selection of flowers made it so beautiful.

The driver was also well dressed. When I arrived at the door he patiently waited to for me and my family to complete the movie session at the doorstep. I went into the car and it started moving towards the church.

The car stooped at the entrance of church the driver opened the door for me I gave my dreamy and dashing entry. After all the formalities of at church, the wedding ceremony ended. I and my husband got back to the car and it starts moving towards the hotel.

The ride was so smooth and everything was so perfect that I started feeling that this chauffer service has actually made my day amazing.

I still remember the joy of that ride. Sometimes little things double up the bliss of moments. My special day became more special as my dream of Mercedes Benz ride and a grand entry at church came true.