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Updated on 26-Apr-2024

Luxury Chauffeur Service for March 2024 Events in London

As the exciting month of March 2024 approaches in the lively city of London, you're probably looking forward to some major upcoming events. That's where Imperial Ride comes in, providing top-notch chauffeur Service with style. Whether you're travelling to attend high-profile London events, Imperial Ride is your premier chauffeur service choice. With an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles across different categories, Imperial Ride sets a new standard for exceptional chauffeur services. The elegant experience doesn't stop at the vehicles - even the chauffeurs' attire is impeccably stylish.

March is Fun with Events

March is a month of festivities, arts, culture, and entertainment in London, and this year, there are some really good ones. From international art fairs to an exciting new music festival, there's a lot going on in the world's greatest city come spring. Here we take a look at some of the top events on the calendar which a chauffeur service with Imperial Ride could get you there in true celebrity style.

The Tate Modern is putting on an exhibition called 'Masterpieces Unveiled'. In this exhibition, there will be a selected collection of 'the best of the best' pieces of artwork. Each piece of artwork is seen as a 'masterpiece' of well-known criteria by everyone in the art world. You'll get to admire a wide range of magnificent artworks up close. Don't miss this amazing chance to understand an artist's fascinating perspective. You'll arrive at the Tate Modern in one of our Imperial Ride chauffeur-driven luxury cars, ensuring you have the full VIP experience the exhibition deserves.

London Music Festival

March 2024 will be for music fans as London will be taken over by a festival celebrating the very best in sound. The eagerly-awaited London Music Festival will offer everything from up-close acoustic performances through to epic stadium anthems, ensuring that it'll suit all musical tastes. Let Imperial Ride's chauffeurs take the stress out of travel by navigating the city's roads and ensuring you reach each gig refreshed and ready to soak up the melodies.

London Fashion Week 2024

A week of fashion! London Fashion Week 2024, come see this glamorous week-long celebration of fashion, clothes, hair, and everything in between. You can even try on clothes and get your hair styled. This amazing fashion week will blow your mind! This week, everyone gets to see all the professional hairdressers, makeup artists, hair stylists, even some up-and-comers, and some of the clothes that are going to be out. We could all have a look, try on, and purchase from the various stands, and maybe you will even get your hair styled! 

Everyone wants to be a Royal person and show up in a limousine. Imperial Ride can help! We'll pick you up from your house in a posh, clean, beautiful limo or car and drop you off, right in front of the building at London Fashion Week 2024!

Additionally, our chauffeur services would assist you in making your grand entrance to smaller-scale events like private gallery openings, corporate-sponsored galas, as well as intimate dinner parties.

THE BRIT AWARDS - Staged on March 2nd On air is the Big Music Award Show! With artists across the world on stage. 


9th March. When the two main rugby rivals take on each other at the historic Twickenham stadium. Football here, it is England facing Ireland in an amazing Six Nations game. 


12th-15th March: Saddle up for this big occasion, you wouldn't want to be left off the list of fashionistas wearing their fancy hats! While these four days are one of the most popular jumping festival, some of the finest races take place at Cheltenham Race. It is a time-honoured practice familiar to horse racing fans. 


March 30th: Do not miss this ever-lasting university rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge, where they battle it out on the beautiful River Thames. Support the team of your chosen school with our loud cheering! Don’t miss this boat Race, our chauffeurs can transport you there in comfort. 


14th March Bookworms and publishing insiders, the two tribes of book-lovers, welcome! This here is where we can get nerdy about books, be won over by book rights, and discover the most recent literature from around the planet. SIX NATIONS 


During the 28 days of February and March, the national rugby teams of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy package their fights up in six tournaments. I will begin my exhibition essay, by focusing on the Tournament of this esteemed yearly competition. 


March 17th. Let's start the day off with some recycling and maybe have a drink! For St Paddy's Day, people get to have parades, parties, and they celebrate the Irish culture and heritage in every corner of the UK.

Committed to going above and beyond, the chauffeurs at Imperial Ride will ensure they always provide an experience second to none. They are continually trained in providence, enabling them to pre-empt whatever you may require on your journey. Starting your experience from the moment you enter one of their cars, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation, allowing you to fully enjoy the electric atmosphere of whatever event you shall be attending.



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