Explore London's Most Popular Landmarks in One day.


Updated on 06-May-2024

London is an amazing city and you can do so much while going on sightseeing. Even with one day at your disposal - you can stuff many of London's leading landmarks in your brief trip. The strategic thing is to organize your route smartly.

Begin your exciting day with Imperial Ride

Start out your busy day by catching Imperial Ride, which connects you with the main attractions of London. You will find yourself in the middle of city streets relaxing while seeing the London attractions including Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and more. It is great for repose and a possibility for facing views of London with grand architecture and its prominent monuments.

Take Photos at Trafalgar Square

At the end of the tour, get off your bus in Trafalgar Square to observe the statues and fountains better. Trafalgar Square glorifies Lord Horatio Nelson, who gained his victory over General Napoleon’s squadron, during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Right now it's a busy place for demonstrations, parties, photos and feeding the pigeons. Set some time aside to get pictures of the square’s towering Nelson’s Column and make yourself an icon.

Take in breathtaking elements of modern art while at the Tate Modern.

Later on, walk across the pedestrian Millennium Bridge where you can get a magnificent view of St Paul’s Cathedral, and afterwards head to Tate Modern gallery. In a reincarnated former power station, Tate Modern, on the bank of the river Thames, there is an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art on display. Explore the way it offers a breathless journey through some of the works by iconic artists such as Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Pollock and the great masters. The interactive exhibits and magnificent rooftop views are what make the place an adventure place.

Sail down the River Thames

After embracing the culture, you can spend a relaxing time with a ride on either side of the Thames River, where you will enjoy the London skyline and the historical facts are revealed. Listen to the commentary of the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, other riverside attraction and you lie on a boat enjoying the sun. It is a common practice for many cruises to have multilingual audio guides, which provide the foreigners an avenue that they can understand the tour.

Behold the glittering Crown Jewels at the oppressive Tower of London

Take a stopover on a boat ride to the Tower Pier and visit the Tower of London, a historic castle that stores the crown jewels and store surrounding exhibit which the collections spans from 1,000 years of British history. The Tower here was a high-security prison and a site for beheading. It now attracts many sightseers to see the dazzling Imperial State Crown and other regal jewelry worn by royals in the Jewel House. Get your free tour to know more about the past of the Tower led by the genuine Beefeaters.

Farewell to the Day with West End Show

Nevertheless, end your last London sightseeing with Imperial Ride Chauffeur Service, at night in a famous West End theatre hall. Do not miss long-run musicals such as Les Mis., Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia! Feed your craving for British humor at the planet of the world's alive performances of Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre if you would. If it is you who have themed or are a musical, forget about your stressful day and proceed to its finale at the London theatres and with a repertoire of dozens shows per day.

The experience of one day running the London tour by the Imperial Ride Chauffeur Service could present you with the exciting London history, culture, arts, and entertainment events. Find out where to go at this checklist and get the best out of these short hours in London, one of the best cities in the world.

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