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Updated on 20-Nov-2020

A lot of buzzes is around the coming Farnborough Airshow in the coming week with spectacular machines and views to be had with an expected 80,000 attendees on the public airshow. Farnborough Airshow

Quite a few aircraft, jets and airbuses have been making their validation alongside young and old military aircraft. The airshow will be swarmed with amazing planes and helicopters, some of which are the; F-35, F35B, A350, A380, A400M, US Navy P8, F18 Super Hornet, BAE Typhoon, Boeing 737-800, F-15E, F/A-18F, Catalina, Yak, Spitfire, D328, Blackhawk and this is just the start of the list to get you excited for the show.

People driving in the area have been told to keep their eyes on the road and not on the sky as aircraft continue to make their validation for the upcoming trade week. Further attractions will include the Bloodhound SSC, the fastest car on earth which will be on demonstrations for the trade days only alongside off-road adventure from Jeep.


David Cameron

Over 1200 industry professionals, government officials and international delegations will be attending the airshow including the UK?s very own David Cameron.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to build partnerships with other businesses, governments, and universities from around the world. Furthermore, you can learn about the latest engineering and technologies.

The Meet-The-Buyer Programme has been extended to three days as a result of continued success from the past Farnborough airshow events in 2014 and 2012. This way you can meet with potential clients and partners all in one place and save time as well as money. We are estimating over 450 companies will be participating in this year?s airshow to take advantage of this wonderful chance to expand and develop their businesses. A great way to begin meetings before arriving to the airshow is by inviting your potential business partners along in a ride in one of our business vans.



Luxury chauffeur

A five-hour flight show will be occurring on the last two days of the Farnborough Airshow in order to go out with a bang. Some amazing aircraft will be making their flights on these two days, the first being the Flying Display followed by the Static Aircraft Display, both events filled with stupendous aircraft. The history of aviation will be on display at the FAST Farnborough Air Sciences Trust) museum so make sure to spend some time soaking up the unique history of aviation heritage. As well as aircraft, there will also be a huge archive of information to learn from
such as photos, films, books, reports as well as equipment and machinery.

With the upcoming of widely known drones, Farnborough Airshow will be hosting its very own Drone Racing Masters and you will be able to see how the professionals handle the drones around obstacles at high speeds from the first-person view. We are regularly taking bookings for transfers to this private airfield as our cars are always available for chauffeur services in Farnborough.

Event type
Business and Public Airshow

Age Range
All ages welcome

Ticket Prices
For the full list of ticket prices for the public weekend (16th and 17th of July).

Farnborough Airport
GU14 6XA

Trade Days
Monday 11th of July 2016???????????.10:00 ? 16:00
Tuesday 12th ? 15th July 2016????????? 09:30 ? 17:30

Futures Day & Enthusiasts Day
Friday 15th of July 2016????????????.09:30 ? 17:30

Public Weekend 
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016????..09:30 ? 17:30

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Going to watch an air show in a luxury car may seem ironic, but it would certainly add a certain level of class to your travel persona. With the amazing special guests and thousands of other people who will be arriving at the event this year, there has to be something that will set you apart. Hiring one of our chauffeured vehicles would be a perfect choice. You can travel to and from the venue with ease, and also not have to worry about parking issues. Hopefully, the amazing display in the air will make you forget about land transportation entirely.

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