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?Why should I hire a chauffeur driven car?? Well, quite simply it is the most cost effective, luxurious and the least time-consuming method of traveling around London?which makes it the perfect choice for any businessman. For your own convenience, we have put together an essential list of must-dos in order to get the most out of?hiring a chauffeur driven car, from before your pickup until the end of your journey.


Getting from A to B on a bus or tube can?take up a lot of your time which you could be putting your feet up or having a cold drink. With public transport, getting in traffic is inevitable which can come with a?lot of stress.

But with the use of a chauffeured car, you are sure to be at your destination much faster due to the area?and road knowledge of the drivers.

Chauffeur driven cars have lots of?great benefits over what public transport has to offer.?You have your own personal space with plenty of legroom while having all of the rear seating to yourself meanwhile on buses and tubes you would be squashed between passengers on seats that are full of dust and dirt. Chauffeured cars are always clean (at least with us they always are happy ) and maintained in order to please each and every customer alike.


The best way to get ready for a long journey is to?have a nice rest prior to your pickup, of course, this is a bit of an obvious one but during your journey, you might have?business propositions that you want to business chauffeuraddress.

Request Wi-Fi if you need to use the internet on your laptop while traveling. It is good to let us know about any extras that you would like to have on your journey, where Wi-Fi is?something which?matters most to businessmen.

While Wi-Fi could be a major part of your journey, you also need gadgets to use it with. So that means you need to take care of gadgets prior to your journey by charging them and getting them ready to be taken with you.


Working crazy hours can have a negative impact?on your body. So if you have not had the time to have a rest before you boarded your vehicle, now is the chance to enjoy the?luxurious feel of a perfectly managed car with plenty of leg room so you can stretch your legs while taking a much -needed nap reclining leather seats that come with a?comfortable and handy massage feature.

Now you can enjoy using your charged laptop and smartphone to catch up on work and read emails that you may have missed alongside making business calls. Being outside of the office and on the road is also a great way to get new ideas for your business presentation.

For information about bookings, please?contact us or call us today on 0208 090 4926 and our bookings team will be more than happy to assist you with any request.

Given so many advantages of hiring a luxury car with a chauffeur, you can now surely see why our chauffeured car collection would be a treat for you. You will be able to give yourself a lot more visual appeal. The comfort level would also exceed your experiences with public transport or vehicles that you drive yourself. You could relax or catch up on missed emails, notifications, or assignments while you remain comfortably seated in the backseat of your luxury car. Our best cars also come with refreshments and additional perks that you would not be given in other modes of transport.

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