How to make one day trip in London enjoyable - Imperial Ride


Posted on 28-Feb-2020

London city is famous in the world due to its charming places. Millions of tourists visit here; anyone never gets bored because of its fascinating qualities. There are many places to visit and also as well as many things to do. If you landed in any airport in London, there are various companies offering chauffeur services along with luxury vehicles, you have to catch private taxis and travel to the centre of London. When you reach the center?of London, the following charming places there, some of them you can visit on foot but to visit some, you have to use car services.

? Covent Garden.
? Leicester square.
? Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street.
? Trafalgar square.
? The mall Buckingham palace.
? St. James Park.

If you desire to visit London in one day, you can visit these elegant tourist places and etc. These places are full of tourists; you can watch different peoples from different places.

Visit Convent Garden, a cool area:

Here, it is the best place for you, you can book a hotel room for rest while. There are many hotels there such as The Z hotel Covent garden, travel lodge, Henrietta hotel and etc. After that rest, you can get to the royal opera house, also you found independent small shops, in a Covent garden where vegetable and fruits you can avail. You can meet thousands of audiences there, apart from this, you will see the talent of street performers.

Leicester square:

It is just a few minutes away from the convent garden. Leicester square is basically centre of London, where you can found cinema houses you can lookup them. There is a large market in the middle of square held at Christmas times and that?s why it is touristy territory.

Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street:

One of the most famous places of London is Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street. You can photos of these places on postcards of London at many places. It?s just 5 minute walking way to explore the regent street which through to the oxford circus, you can visit these places, hope so these places make memories for your whole life.