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Business trip Pack comfortably at least a week before traveling so you don?t forget anything. Make sure to pack only essentials, see what you want to take and reduce the list so you don?t have to carry around a big, heavy suitcase with you all the time.

Find techniques of cloth folding for the most space saving options and least wrinkle-comprising state of your suit or dress when packing for the ?business trip.


If you are traveling across the pond, don?t forget your visa as well as sorting out any legal concerns before packing your bags. It can be a very frustrating experience when you arrive to the airport and you are stopped at the gates due to not having your visa.

Bring along your laptop to continue going over your lines for your presentations, as well as checking and replying to emails. It is also a good idea to bring a hand carry laptop case to avoid pulling your hand bag with you to your meetings.

If you have a long trip ahead, you could also prepare some movies on your laptop for a better overall experience.

business trip

Earphones are a must! This way you can get some alone time when traveling on a plane. An external battery (or power bank) can be a lifesaver when you need extra juice on the go ? great to use on airplanes as most airlines don?t offer the use of power outlets.

Plan ahead. Take a notepad and make a list of all important information; the addresses of your hotel, meeting venues, emergency contact details etc. Or you could simply note the details down on the notepad of your smartphone, whichever is more convenient.

Check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly to ensure that you do not either under-pack or over-pack. Check electrical adapters for your chargers if you are heading to a foreign country as you will need to purchase an adapter. Check with your provider that your sim can be used abroad. You might even be entitled to special long term customer package offers. Try not to go with another sim card as you are most likely going to be contacted by colleagues or even your boss. This is important as they might be trying to get in contact with you regarding an emergency.

Before flying, pre-book your transport for airport transfers as well as getting to your meetings. This will reduce stress in addition to being much more reliable than the regular local taxi services.

Book a car to any city

Make sure the hotel you are going to has free Wi-Fi (if the hotel has not been booked for you already) for all day usage without any usage limits. You don?t want to get back from your business trip with a hefty charge for extras on your credit card.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure to have local currency with you at all times. Compare as many places as you can to find the best rates for currency conversions with the smallest amount of fees to pay.

Have business cards ready with you. Get to know the people sitting around you on the flight and you might earn yourself a new customer or B2B client. While you are still on your way to your destination, read up on the history of the city you are going to.?It is great to have this knowledge in place so you can appreciate the culture.

If you are going on a longer business trip, we highly encourage you to check out the city you are visiting. Find a map of the local area and try to see their famous attractions. Everyone needs a break once in a while, and sometimes you can just fit it a ?business trip to a local famous restaurant between a morning and afternoon meeting.

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Find out if business shows are going on at your destination, which can be a highly beneficial way of spending your time expanding your knowledge outside of business meetings.

Keep noting down the amounts you are spending to track your expenses and take care of any nasty surprises once you are back from your ?business trip. Remember to always ask for a receipt! If your expenditures are paid for by your boss, make sure that you don?t blow all their money on useless products that you don?t need.

Get to know people face to face when you can. This helps develop relationships and create future business prospects.

So your ?business trip is nearly over. Make sure you have traded contacts with people you got to know who could be a resourceful asset to your company. So if you are visiting the same city in the future, let them know you are going there for another visit and would like to meet up for a drink. In the long run this can highly benefit your?business if you meet the right people.

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