How to travel safely in London during the Covid-19 outbreak


Updated on 01-May-2020

The pandemic Covid-19, which started from Wuhan province in China, has now engulfed the whole world in a matter of days. It has recently been declared as global by the WHO. It has brought the world as an entire to a standstill. This virus is highly contagious and presents flu-like symptoms in the beginning. It has also caused more than 200,000 deaths up until now in the whole world.
How Covid-19 spreads: 

This virus spreads from one person to the other if the other person is exposed to the droplets from the nose or mouth of the affected person. When an affected person coughs or sneezes, the droplets spread in the air or rest on surfaces. When other people touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, eyes, or mouth, they get affected too.

Guidelines from WHO:

To stop this virus from spreading, which has given some guidelines. Those include

  • Social distancing
  • Use of mask and gloves
  • Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap
  • Using sanitizers and disinfectants

Traveling during this pandemic:

Traveling during the Covid-19 epidemic is full of risks. You can easily contract this disease by touching any surface or even breathing the infected air around someone. Therefore, using public transport during times like these is not safe at all. This virus has already affected more than 160,000 people, whereas the death toll in the UK is over 26,000.

Therefore, keeping the health and safety of our clients as our top priority, Imperial Ride is still offering our services in London when a lot of businesses have closed down. As explained earlier, traveling via public transport presents a considerable risk for the health of all the passengers, even if one affected person is there. Therefore, it is better to use a private chauffeur service in London

Why use Imperial ride during this outbreak:

Imperial Ride carries out regular screening of all of our chauffeur. This is done to make sure that none of our chauffeurs is affected by this pandemic. Apart from that, we regularly disinfect all the surfaces in our vehicles with which the customer might get in contact with. We also offer sanitizer to the customers before entering the car as well.

You can use our services if you want airport transfers to any of the airports in London. We are also offering our services to travel from airports to any city in the UK. As this virus can easily be transmitted from one person to another, people over 70 and people with low immunity are at greater risks. Therefore, as WHO has advised, you should try your best to decrease social contact as much as possible.

Our chauffeur in London has been provided complete guidance on how to save themselves, their vehicles, and their customers from the effects of this virus. Therefore, I chose Imperial Ride during this outbreak and travel with complete satisfaction. Our customer?s safety is our top priority.

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