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Updated on 06-Apr-2024

Welcome to Imperial Ride

As an Imperial Ride team, which is the leading luxury transportation service in London, we are preparing this season for a whole bunch of great and upcoming events. From the astonishing Chelsea Flower Show to the emotion-charged UEFA Champions League Final, we are flexible enough to customize our professional services to fit our client’s expectations.

A Bloomin' Marvelous The Chelsea Flower Show: 21st–25th May, 2024

Great Chelsea Flower Show undoubtedly is always a great outlet, a never-ending cornucopia of the best and most exciting projects opened for the public eye with the bright touch of the most rich, vivid and on-theme colours.

This event is held on the Royal Hospital Chelsea ground by the Royal Horticultural Society who do this annually. Every year, the plant lovers from all over the world come here.

We are London’s top limo company, so you can hardly imagine how busy we are during the four or five productive days of the showcase. The availability of comfortable sedans, spacious SUVs, and luxury limousines for hire will provide a good alternative to being indistinguishable “fish in a big pond” as we are often described on the crowded public transport slots. We provide an array of event chauffeur services, which might include a one-hour booking, a full day hire, and even multi-day packages for those people who are exhibiting for the whole week.

Some people would utilize our airport transfer from London that is highly demanded by our clients. They would be coming to Heathrow Airport  or Gatwick Airport from their landing point and taken directly to their hotels in central London and thereafter to Chelsea flower show. This convenient service is exactly what is appreciated most by the guests who are visiting for the first time by far. It is of great importance for people who have never been to the given city before to find their ways around. Your luggage can be picked up and delivered to your hotel as well, our operation guaranteeing a smooth start for your stay.

Shoppers arriving at the event may take comfort in knowing that our chauffeurs are there to cater for any transport needs they might have. This could range from a queue-free shuttle service for guests visiting the different stunning show gardens, ferrying them to and from nearby eateries for lunchtime, or making sure nobody has to struggle under the weight of their purchases as they leave the event, including their accommodation. The reviews clients give us, as well as the high reputation of our drivers, speaks for itself. The majority of drivers are to be commended for the professionalism they demonstrate together with knowledge of local conditions.

The FA Cup Final: A Sports Mega Event, May 25th, 2024

The FA Cup event is the oldest football competition in the world and it is very much awaited by fans as the final game always thrills an audience. The tournament will climax this year at the famous Wembley Stadium; be sure to let us Imperial Rides make you travel there in a fancy way.

As the designated chauffeurs, whether it’s from the hotels or local pubs and bars for pre-game hangouts, or making the journey in comfort to the stadium on time using their driving expertise, they will be leaving no stone unturned to make the day a memorable one for our club’s enthusiasts. We obviously recognize that participation in the event of this level may these days be as high pressured as it is capable of expressing as there often people crowds, traffic, and parking spaces on streets close to the location. 

The UEFA Champions League Final: European Council's Wildest Part.: English, European Union, club, biggest, event

The UEFA Champions League remains one of the most top-notch club football competitions on the globe, and this final that is taking place at Wembley Stadium is no exception. Football in England is all about Wembley and so it is the right place for the manifestation of this historic match between the famed teams in Europe.

At Imperial Ride, we're gearing up to get a load of customers. However, this time all of them have a common aim: to attend the widely awaited event. From the top football club executives and the VIP guests to the passionate football fans from every nook and cranny of the world, rest assured that our drivers are always tremendously at hand to ensure everyone arrives looking the part and on time. We provide numerous alternative transportation services - such as luxury vehicles, shared shuttles, and coach trips for larger parties.

The services we offer in Airport Transfers will be in great demand, especially when people from various faraway places come for the match. This allows us to avoid the confusion and time wasting that would be inevitable otherwise, why we are already stationed close to the traveler’s pick-up point, which is the arrival hall at the airport. We will constantly pick the customers up from the airport, taking them all the way to the heart of the London, and let them feel the captivating atmosphere that surrounds the city before the match kicks off. Provision is made for the service of direct delivery of your luggage to your lodging so you can enjoy the walk ahead without the luggage.

During the day, Imperial Ride will come to be more than a chauffeur to the guests who will then be in their disposal for taking them to local bars or if they wish to go somewhere else within the city.

The vehicles will be available all day. We will engage in making it a wonderful event, a champion final day by providing a chartered and luxurious transport service to attendees.

Thus, whatever your origin is - you are from London or are just visiting our colourful city, don't hesitate to contact Imperial Ride to organize hassle-free chauffeur-driven transport service to these distinguished performances. We will gladly arrange your transportation and ensure that you have fun and see the beautiful city of the capital.


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