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Updated on 30-Apr-2024

We at Imperial Ride , Being the Chauffeur Service in London, stand firm on the principle of providing the best to our clients. One of the key services we offer our clients that makes a Luxury Vehicles ride is by keeping our fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in an excellent condition. Just the other day we had one of our Mercedes S-Class sedans serviced at the Mercedes-Benz authorised service centre Heathrow Airport, and we were highly appreciative of the way things were done.

Our Mercedes S-Class: A Flagship for Luxury 

The S-Class is the Mercedes-Benz flagship model, which is the synonym for luxury and comfort. The high-end cars that we provide are all installed with the latest technology and facilities to make sure our customers ride in style. Nevertheless, even the best cars on the market require regular servicing to ensure that they are performing at their utmost.

The Issue: We had two items that required our special attention. It was the rear passenger tablet that had gone out of order causing the passengers to have a poor experience. Furthermore, the door hinges began to let out a rather strange sound, which could lead to the door not opening smoothly.

At the service centre, we immediately noticed the modern and impressive facilities, the moment we set foot at the Mercedes-Benz Service Center, we were immediately impressed by the modern and well-organized facilities. The service manager who greeted us was both friendly and professional, and took enough time to understand our issues and the problems we were experiencing with our car.

 Accurate information

The team at the Heathrow service centre informed us at every stage. They gave periodic reports on the progress, making sure to translate the technical work into easily understandable terms. Such a communication level is vital for us as it enables us to ever keep our clients updated on any delays or problems.

Impressive Mechanical Work

We were happy with the quality of work that Mercedes-Benz technicians did when it came to actual repairs. They rapidly realised that the back tablet and the door hinge were not up to the mark, and they took the necessary steps to fix them with efficiency and meticulousness.

The technicians displayed an in-depth knowledge about the complicated systems and parts of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. They utilised the most advanced diagnostic tools and only original Mercedes-Benz parts so that the repairs were done at the highest standards. After the mechanical part was done, the technicians devoted their time to testing and inspecting the vehicle, and they checked that everything was working as expected.

 High Level Customer Service

The mechanical work done as well as the level of customer care given to us were both top notch. Since the moment we landed, the service team had been very courteous and polite.

They were aware that our cars are not merely means of transport, but an important element of the luxury experience of our customers. That being the case, they treated our S-Class as if it were their own, and handled it with the delicacy and thoughtfulness required.

The service advisers were very patient and attentive, they responded to any of our inquiries and they made sure that the services performed were to our satisfaction.

A Refreshed Mercedes Experience

When we collected our S-Class after preparation, it was like driving a brand-new vehicle. The tablet for the rear seat was working fine and the door hinge was running quietly and smoothly. The whole vehicle had been thoroughly refreshed, even both inside and out, so it looked and smelled as fresh as it did the day it was made.

A Must-Try Service

We were impressed by the service at the Mercedes-Benz centre near Heathrow Airport. From the superior mechanical work to the exceptional customer care, the whole team showed a high level of professionalism and detail that possibly cannot be compared to any other.

Whether it's regular maintenance or more complex repairs, the workers at Heathrow Airport  service center have shown their ability to do high-quality service all the time. We can even recommend the Mercedes Benz Service Center at Heathrow to everyone, based on the positive experience we had.

Continuing the Legacy Of Quality

At Imperial Ride, working with Mercedes-Benz is something we are very proud of. In synergy, we strive to yield the best luxury and comfort for our clients. The recent service experience at Heathrow has not only kept up our confidence in the Mercedes-Benz brand but has also reminded us of their commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

We are looking forward to the future with great hope, with the Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have served us so well as well as the skilled personnel at the Heathrow service centre. Through our collaborative effort we can keep creating trips that are beyond the clients' dreams. We gladly recommend to book service at Mercedes Service center Heathrow and give your Mercedes Vehicle a VIP Treatment. 



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