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Wimbledon and Tennis are synonymous. These two words go hand in glove and are widely celebrated around the world. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament and is also considered the most prestigious. The All England Club in Wimbledon, London, has been host to this magnificent tournament and this is played on outdoor grass courts. This started in 1877.

There are found grand slam tournaments. Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open and the French Open. Out of these four, Wimbledon is the only tournament still played on grass. Current champions Andy Murray (men) and Serena Williams (women) can relate to the excitement and joy when playing at Wimbledon. It is a place where champions are born and acknowledged around the world.


Of course, it is to be noted that any event provides great advantages to local business and everyone goes through a happy time. People require transportation to go to the venue, and while most have cars some opt to get?taxi chauffeurs or hire a luxury chauffeur service which takes them to the venue of the event. Londoners swear by London chauffeur services and happily opt for this service because they know they can get the best professional chauffeurs to make their ride comfortable and memorable.

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Some of the lesser known facts about Wimbledon are as follows: ?

  • July 9th, 1877 marked the start of the Wimbledon Championships and the Gentleman?s singles was the first and only event held. Spencer Gore won this and it had around 200 spectators.
  • The principal court was called Centre Court because the lawns at the grounds were arranged in such way the principal court was in the middle while others were arranged around it.
  • 1884 marked the commencement of the Ladies Singles Championship and Maud Watson won this. Her prize was a silver flower basket.
  • 1884 was a supercharged year of excitement because the club added a new category. Ladies? singles and Gentlemen?s Doubles competition. Ladies? Doubles and Mixed Doubles events came into being in the year 1913.
  • The Championship was first televised in 1937.
  • It used to be called by four different names. ?The Championships, Wimbledon?, ?The Wimbledon Championships?, ?The All England Tennis Championships and simple ?Wimbledon. The last name has stuck and is most popular now. From 1912 to 1924, the tournament was recognized by the International Lawn Tennis Federation?as the ?World Grass Court Championships?.
  • During the WWII the club had very limited staff but yet it managed to remain open and carry out its daily activities. The premises were used to conduct many military and civil defense and events and functions, including fire and ambulance services.
  • During WWII, a decontamination unit was also set up in the premises of the Club and troops also camped within the vicinity of the Club
  • The Center Court became a storehouse which was used for storing five 500lb bombs. This is turn caused a loss of at least 1200 seats for Wimbledon and it is said that this was the downfall era of this place.

To put it simply, Wimbledon has emerged as one of the premier tennis tournaments in the world, and is the most widely recognized. The All England Lawn Tennis Club, which has started this and has been hosting the tournament since 1877, continues to maintain its dominance and leadership in the 21st century too. With the passing time, the quality of the event has been improved by great lengths and so has the seating capacity for the spectators. Wimbledon has evolved as one of the most prestigious titles and every young person taking up the sport has an ambition to one day perform at the pinnacle of tennis we all know as Wimbledon.

Restaurants and eateries and transport businesses are those that benefit the most during this two-week tournament in London. Executive luxury car hire companies who rent out their cars with professional chauffeurs flourish during these two weeks. Every car company engaged in?London chauffeur services or luxury chauffeur services is busy to the max while the tournament is underway. The same goes for regular taxi chauffeurs who can be seen moving to and fro during this bustling time. Demand for food and entertainment goes up with locals and foreigners enjoying the delicacies the beautiful city of London has to offer, not to mention the beautiful sights not to be found anywhere else in the world!

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