Posted on 21-May-2019

Are you seeing negative results from your business investment? Then this is the place-to-be for you! Let?s solve your startup marketing problems will be a consistently high-quality event taking place on the 27th of September. This event will give you insights on providing solutions for your marketing problems by giving you up-to-date information in the social media, online marketing and growth.

Vincent Dignan, who is a businessman in London, will be delivering a world-famous speech around growth hacks to aid your business. His firm, Magnific, has gained large numbers of followers, engagement, and signups for other startups. He has given several speeches at conferences and seminars across the world, on content marketing, hacks to growing, social media and user acquisition. He has a team of 750+ content writers for prestigious companies such as Mercedes, Burberry, Levi?s, and Smirnoff. This event will give you tips and tricks used by big companies during their startups for Vincent and his clients at his company.



  • How to ensure that you will be writing about the exact areas in content marketing, and guarantee a guide to writing interesting content
  • A summary of the latest tactics and software to enable better email marketing, sales, and productivity
  • How to build your marketing stack for only $9 a month
  • Everything you need to understand about user experience in 90 seconds
  • How to quickly build your social media communities and get free traffic or users or feedback from social networking sites
  • A brief summary of how to hack PR coverage, and some strategies to rapidly boost your SEO

Vincent Dignan assists grow startups using a combination of guerrilla community management tactics, rapid social media growth and growth hacks which have seen organizations move from zero to thousands of signups, followers and users virtually overnight. Last year his company (Magnifis) beat more than a thousand other startups to be accepted into reputed accelerator TechStars London.

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Event type
Business seminar

Ticket Prices
All tickets are?free to the event.

WeWork Moorgate
1 Fore St

27 September

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