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London Business Show is the biggest monthly business & startup meeting which offers lots of opportunities, advice and information that is important for business growth within critical economic scenario. This free exhibition invites organisations from commercial enterprises, and remains dedicated to giving you everything you need?to enhance, advance and expand?your business.

This monthly business show gives a great chance to people who want to enlarge and promote their business on a regular basis.?It provides a big platform to individuals who want to get customers, advance business, take on ventures, marketing guidance or to get guidance from business experts and mentors.London Business Show

The London Business Show is a joint effort with first Migrant Business Show of London, displaying more than fifty migrant entrepreneurs. The exhibition will highlight the vital role that migrants?play in enhancing and propelling the British economy and also creates opportunities?to organisations to boost sales. This London Business Show actively promotes unity and present a positive image of migrants in the UK.

The London Business Show welcomes small and medium sized businesses, startups, and talented people with a vision to flourish. Food and refreshments will be provided to ensure you can spend more time learning about the advantages from the show and less time searching for food.

If you stand on a strong base with great knowledge, you can make the right contacts during the event that will be helpful to grow your own business. This will help you in building business network with quality people and developing your business.

Your professional chauffeur could be waiting for you at your door with a beautiful car to match. Don?t hesitate,?book your ride today to Whitechapel where this event will take place.

Event type
Business Expo

Ticket Prices
Tickets are free and you can get them by clicking?here.

The Mermaid Puddle Dock
St Blackfriars

24 August ? 18:30 to 22:30

For information about bookings, please fill out our?contact form or call us today on 0208 090 4926 and our bookings team will be more than happy to assist you with any request.


The Business Show is here to progress YOUR business. Packed full of the very best speakers, features, innovations, education and opportunities in the business world; the event is dedicated to guiding startups, SMEs and large corporations on their business journey.

To match the level of class and elegance that visitors are required to display at this event, you must book a ride with us. We have a whole category of cars which are perfect for enterprise purposes. The Mercedes Benz E-Class of vehicles was made solely for this purpose. With Imperial Ride, you can book a sleek looking car of your choice and we will provide a professional chauffeur for you to be able to ride in style. It is a great way to make a first good impression among your colleagues, friends, or the general audience at any event.

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