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The London Fashion Week, which is about to take place, is a major event with huge significance. It is held every year and today it is more of a trend in which a number of brands, designers and top models take place. The fashion week for this year is going to be held from 15th to 19th February.

This year, collection which includes Ready-To Wear and Accessories will be featured by 50 brands all across Britain. This collection by the famous designers and brands will show their diverse creativity and craftsmanship.

The London Fashion Week is a very important event for many brands that are new to the market and they need a platform to showcase their latest creation. It helps them raise their profile because it tells the whole of London what to see actually and what to wear the following year. In other words, it sets the new trends.

An International Event

This event may be held in London and has been from the get go, yet the doors are open to designers and brands from all over the world. Counties like Austria, Italy, China, Germany, United States of America and South Korea participate in it. The show has so much significance that its pull for major fashion icons is undeniable.

Why London??

The best part about London is it is still the best place to showcase any brands? creativity and ideas. This is a major reason why many small and/or large businesses continue to display their collection in London. The fertile and attractive factor is undeniable.

Brands when display their collection in the London Fashion week, it gives them an opportunity to get connected to influential people and potential buyers and stores. It also helps them to get more exposure. Top brands, stylists and publishers get to know about the brand.

Beauty about 2018-2019 Fashion Event

London Fashion Week 2019

Fashion week has always been of great important for many brands. However, this year, Jeanie Annan-Lewin who is London?s renowned Fashion Editor, Consultant and Stylist has collaborated with London Fashion Council. Moreover, nearly 15 emerging businesses, brands and stylists will have a chance to showcase their creative ideas and designs.

With this much happening in this year?s London Fashion Week, it would be a big disappointment if you miss this huge event. Set yourself up for this major event that has huge importance and will give a glance at the latest fashion trends and creativity.

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