Posted on 21-May-2019


If you have any children, we can drop them to Winter Wonderland and many other fun places so that we can take you and your partner to enjoy a full course meal at one of London?s classy restaurants. Enjoy a candlelit dinner without the worries of about travel arrangements. Traffic can be a big reason for you to?not want to drive on Christmas. This is why we select the right chauffeurs and hire only the best who can get around this holiday traffic and safely transport you to where you and your family wish to be in safe and luxurious comfort.



Are you looking to impress your colleagues? Have you built strong relationships with your co-workers? A Christmas party in the office will surely be a blast for the whole team and is a great way to reward your workers. On the other hand, you might want to get them out of the office to have some fun elsewhere, which is another splendid way to celebrate the long year of hard work. Before the announcement of this party, everything should be organised in order for the night to run smoothly; and often the planning of transportation gets left out. Leave this to us and we will arrange the arrival and departure of all the attendees so everyone arrives at the same time, on time.

If you require special arrangements such as DJ?s and performers for your party, this can be arranged through us with our partners alongside the luxury journeys for your attendees. Should you require red wine and wintery Christmas scents in the vehicles, anything can be arranged, there are no limits.

Transportation can be split into 3-4 individuals traveling in our Mercedes Benz E Class and S Class cars or if you would like to arrive in larger groups of up to 7 people, our Mercedes Benz V Class cars will be ideal for the occasion. Further hiring of first class cars is also available for hire for this special occasion, such as the Range Rover Vogue, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Bentley Flying Spur.

Company Party


Christmas is the holiday of spending time with family and the giving of gifts. Enjoy a lovely day out shopping in Central London?s best gift shops such as Harrod?s, Westfield shopping centre, and shops around Mayfair and Bond Street. Around this time of the year, the most difficult issue is finding parking or getting a taxi. We understand that finding either of these can be very tough for places such as Harrod?s and Westfield shopping centre. Browse the shops freely and relax with peace of mind that we can drop you and pick you up with all your shopping whenever you need us. We can stay on standby so if your shopping bags are getting heavy, we can pass by and pick it up from you, knowing that it will be in safe hands until you finish your shopping.

Christmas Shopping


The city of London is beautiful at this time of the year. ?Gorgeous decorations above the streets and in the shop windows, ornaments everywhere and an all around Wintery and Christmasy feel with the smell of amazing chefs working on these busy days. You can explore Central London in one of our luxury chauffeur driven cars, which range from Mercedes and Range Rover to Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. Following this year?s beautiful summer, we could be in luck with some snow to follow and make Christmas extra special.

Due to the number of bookings we will have during the Christmas period, now is the best time to plan and book your rides. To secure your luxury car and driver for the day(s) call 0208 090 4926 or send us details of your booking to Need a faster way to contact us? Send us a?message.

No matter how you wish to spend your Christmas, there would be no downside to enjoying a great car ride from your home to your destination. If you take a trip to your favorite restaurant with your significant other, stepping out of your stylish car with a chauffeur at your service is sure to turn heads. It would also be impressive to your colleagues if you decided to show up at the dinner in a sleek chauffeured car. You can also travel to multiple destinations or take a cross-country road trip with our chauffeured vehicles. In case you get a little tipsy on your amazing night out, our chauffeur will make sure that you get home safe and sound.