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Do you work in house letting? Are you struggling to gain tenants? Does it take long for you to gain profit? Well Multi Let Success presented by Peter Singh will surely help you develop your letting skills in order to become more successful. The?event will be held on the 3rd of October.




HMO/ Multi-let Intro to the Law ? Keeping on the right side?of the law. Gain knowledge for success through safe and legal methods, which you would otherwise be unable to attain elsewhere.

How to find your ?1000 Goldmine area ? Each business has a different area where profit lies and you may not know of it!

Estate Agent insider?s knowledge ?? Including calling agents live! Some people may find it hard to communicate effectively over the phone. Estate Agent insider will certainly strip you of this weakness.

The five tenant profiles to know ? Laying the foundations for huge SUCCESS!

Maximum effect strategies for sourcing tenants and keeping them ? gaining tenants is one thing. Keeping them in the long run is another.

Staging the property and the safety lessons?? Improve your pitch and bring out your inner salesman!

Systemised Business ? Maximise your income within minimised time frame, which is what every business wants.

Where to get furniture at MASSIVE discounts

Power team ? where to assemble your discounted tradesmen

Meet existing MLS Students achieving ?7,000+ net profit per month within their first year


  • Finding the deals and crunching the numbers
  • Negotiating the deals and making the offers
  • Staging the property so it?s ready for viewings
  • Setting up your rent to rent business
  • Finding your goldmine area
  • Dealing with agents and landlords (including scripts and video tutorials of live calls with agents)
  • Systems and processes involved from day 1 ? Leveraging effectively so we can focus on growing the business as owners
  • Course Manual ? Your reference guide
  • Legal pack containing contracts, notices and forms worth over ?4,700
  • Lifetime Facebook community support where all questions, experiences and results shared in our 215 member community
  • Tenant viewings and application process, vetting process and arranging viewings
  • Building your power team

Event type
Business development seminar

Ticket Prices
Purchase tickets for the event?here.

Apex Hotel
1 Seething Lane

3 October

You can book your chauffeur taxi to Apex Hotel to attend this event by calling 0208 090 4926.

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