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Updated on 22-Nov-2019

If you?re a fan of rich culture and exciting food and music, then Notting Hill Carnival is just the place you should be at. The biggest street festival is a celebration and display of the diverse London?s culture. People from far away come all the way to London to witness this thrilling street festival. It?s a two-day festival that is attended by people of all backgrounds for an amazing experience.

The Carnival is basically the celebration of the London?s Caribbean communities; their culture and traditions. It is being celebrated since 1966. This includes their popular music, their traditional food and lots of other stuff. The festival also features a parade with live music, dances,?and delicious traditional food. The place is a heaven for party lovers. There are approximately a total of 37 static sound systems to make it a memorable experience for the attendants.

Notting Hill Carnival Festival

The festival isn?t a picnic for party lovers only. Thousands of families plan their vacation around it to witness the diverse rich culture along with families. The two-day festival is usually scheduled around Sunday for making it possible for families to enjoy this exhibition of culture. The first day, being the Sunday is called ?Family?s Day?. Families are recommended to arrive early on this day to escape the hours of lines and hustle. There are certain suggestions for the families to avoid any unpleasant experience. These include bringing snacks and water bottles. Families would also be interested in knowing that the lines for toilets can be long and so, they should be prepared for that. Moreover, due to the huge amount of population, signals can be a bit of an issue and this can be really frustrating and problematic for families so for the kids, it?s advised to write phone numbers on their arms to avoid any trouble in case the kid gets lost.

Lastly, the location of the festival can be easily guessed from the name of the festival. It?s celebrated in areas of Notting Hill in West London. The main parade starts on the Great Western Road after which, it goes to the Chepstow Road, before moving to Westbourne Grove and finally moving to Ladbroke Grove. The carnival spreads all over W10 in West London.

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