Personal Information Economy conference will give you that edge you need to beat your competitors which will be shown to you by the leaders and pioneers on September 29. Head to London to meet business heads desiring to change the strategic obstacle of belief around data into a potential new trade opportunity. This annual seminar will be filled with game changers with innovative insights, ready to fill you in and advice you and your team on how to achieve better.

A large number of organisations are struck with slow development and poor client engagement. This is the result of obsolete plan of action, arrangements and practices that create an unwelcoming and pointless exchange off amongst innovation and privacy protection. However, the same associations have heaps of undiscovered opportunities.


Advantages you will get from Conference

  • Understand how top brands are overcoming the challenge of development through trust
  • Absolute first view of advance services, business prototypes and policies that are taking customer value to new heights
  • Complete knowledge of how new Me2B methods create clear competitive benefit over those still following old and obsolete ‘push’ policies
  • Advice from those at the paramount on how to recognise and solve the practical and functional problems
  • An opportunity to interact with those evolving exciting new trades based on new kind of consumer relationship Economy

Key Speakers

  • Stephen Deadman, Global Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook
  • Geraldine McBride, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, MyWave
  • Tom Taylor, CPE, The Co-operative Group
  • Mike Gordon, CEO, CallCredit Economy

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Event type
Business conference

Ticket Prices
Ticket prices can be found here.

Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9AG

29 September

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