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Posted on 05-May-2020

Pets are the real friend and companions of humans. They provide physical and emotional benefits to their guardians (owners). Pets like Dogs and Cats are the most common and popular. Pet owners live with them and travel with them, but if you are traveling to London and staying at some hotels, keep in mind that every hotel does not allow pets. So here is a list of hotels in London that are pet friendly.

  1. Sea Containers Hotel

This hotel is situated in Southwark, London. The hotel is named as sea container due to its location at the bank of River Thames. The hotel is pet friendly, which provides many effective services. The hotel is at a prime location with a nearby market and a theatre.

2. Novotel London Canary Wharf Hotel

It is located at Canary Wharf and Docklands, London. This pet-friendly hotel provides the 360 views of London from its terrace. The hotel facilities are fantastic and charming. There is also a facility of the gym inside for fitness lovers. The hotel offers free internet services as well to its customers.

3. The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

It is situated in Mayfair, London, in between Hyde Park and Green Park. This hotel provides air-conditioned rooms and delicious food at their restaurant. They provide fast internet WIFI services throughout the hotel. Buckingham Palace is just 800 meters away from it. The hotel offers significant help for pets.

4.Sofitel London St James Hotel

This five-star hotel is situated at Westminster Borough, London. This is considered as a luxurious and pet-friendly hotel. The hotel has beautiful spacious rooms and advanced cafeterias. It is also 15-min walk away from Buckingham Palace. The hotel is in a perfect location for daily life needs and entertainment. The staff members of this hotel are amiable and cooperative.

5.The Langham Hospital Hotel

This hotel is situated in Regent Street. The hotel has a large bar facility and modern restaurants. This hotel also provides a facility of high-speed internet without any extra charges. It has many shops, restaurants, and parks around it.

6. Andaz London Liverpool Street Hotel

It is also a five-star hotel that provides attractive pet-friendly services. This hotel has seven restaurants and bars and more than 250 rooms for its guests. The hotel also includes WIFI services, free of cost.

7.The Montagu of the Gardens Hotel

This hotel is situated in Bloomsbury, London. It is a four-star hotel that has luxury suites and two large restaurants. The hotel also has a garden which can be used in scheduled time.


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