Posted on 20-May-2019

Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel London has teamed up with Murder Mystery Events to offer regular evenings filled with interactive mystery and comedy entertainment. These are ideal for corporate evenings, special birthdays or just for fun. You can organize a private dinner for a date and time that suit you.

Arrive with an empty stomach and an inquisitive mind for this 3-hour murder mystery dining experience. Set into the role of everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, as you piece together the clues and solve the mystery while tucking into a scrumptious three-course meal. With a classic ‘Whodunnit’ to solve, costumed actors will bring the event to life and plenty of classic comedy moments, it’s sure to be an extraordinary evening!

Sherlock Holmes


During your fully interactive 3-hour murder mystery experience, the scenes involve several professional actors playing the central characters, including the victims and suspects. The actors will interact with the guests throughout the evening and you are encouraged to ask them questions to help unravel the story and solve the mystery.
This unique theatrical experience ensures your guests will be thoroughly entertained. The Scenes includes arguments, fights and reconciliations that will be re-enacted to provide you with clues as to what is going on. All of this will lead up to one of the characters being murdered. Make sure you listen in to all that goes on over dinner for those vital clues. The suspects will be cross-examined over coffee before the guests are asked to give their theories and the murderer is revealed. It will be the most entertaining dinner you will ever experience.

Given the classic or traditional theme of the event, nothing would be more amazing than you making an entrance in your own elegant car. If you do not own one by yourself, we are here to provide you with your dream car. Imperial Ride has a great collection of exotic cars that you can hire along with one of our best chauffeurs. Our chauffeur will drive you to the venue and you can travel in the comfort of your backseat, enjoying the view from the backseat. You can also use this opportunity to invite someone to accompany you to this mystery-filled event.