Posted on 20-May-2019

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was never able to make it to farthest of places. Assumingly understanding it to be fortunate because I am safe from all the bad experiences, but obviously, it?s evidentially the most unfortunate thing that anyone could ever experience i.e. not exploring whilst having a wish to explore. The storyline begins with a dramatic start while the turns and twists of my experiences or sufferings ?chauffeur service (of not riding anywhere away from my home) with disappointments and hops made it a little easier for me to follow my passion while aiming big.

 chauffeur service



?But kudos to my long-lasting spirit and efforts to resist the tempting rides?. Much self-appreciation.

Nevertheless, my willingness to openly ask for going to trips with my family or even my closest of friends were faced with rejections almost every time since the day I was born until the day I graduated. The reason for the healthy big no or rejections on trips were the actually my dad?s health issues. He could not drive or move away to the farthest places as he was diagnosed with health issues.

The restrictions on moving out were not only followed by him but the eldest of the daughter too, as she is responsible for all the house.

Hold chores?(inside and outside the house)

Much of my time would undoubtedly follow in serving my parents so I would not actually felt the time to go somewhere, but as soon as I graduated and my siblings were growing with the same pace, I was allowed to make my way for continuing studies abroad.

With the highest of spirit, I started the voyage with a healthy commitment to work hard, but fortunately, God decided me to witness what I always wanted to.

The day came and I started to realize I will be out of my zone with all new perspective and people, a new accommodation all new experiences and the management issues. No way! I literally don?t know how to manage plenty of things at a time

I headed towards France to continue my studies, knowing that it is going to be a difficult task for me to find a safe place there for myself. But as my aunt was residing in Paris so I felt kind of relieved knowing that she would be there for me and I can stay at her place.

Staying at her place was not a bad experience, but then I thought, Oh, I need to visit Paris and the famous places of the city of lights. Nevertheless, I was unfortunate or maybe fortunate too somehow? unfortunate because there was no one who could drive me all the way to different places as aunt and uncle were too busy to give me time and my cousins were quite boring and reckless at the same time.

According to the given circumstances, I called a company providing the?chauffeur service, I was surprised to see that the car was standing in from of my gate at the exact time that was given to the chauffeur.

Wow, the car was pretty cool and it was clean, the driver was a cool person with a really good personality and I was really pleased to avail their service.

He knew the exact locations of every place and he asked me to sit as if there is no one with me and he also suggested me to put my earphone in and enjoy the ride?.he had adequate knowledge about all the places which was quite shocking for me.

In the beginning, I felt a ?chauffeur service little bit uncomfortable and insecure, but gradually those feelings just faded away as the driver was frank and he asked me not to worry about anything I will drop you on your destination safe and sound.

It was a beautiful sight and I don?t know for how long I kept looking outside the window lost in beautiful views and then I heard the driver saying, we are here, I actually felt startled on that sudden realization of being lost.

After leaving the car I kept wandering around different places adoring the beautiful place whilst driver kept waiting for me to get back so that he would drop me back at home.

Leaving the place was actually breaking a heart, but then the thought of having the chauffeured service made me feel energetic as I can hire a car anytime without any hurdles?plus taxi is not a good option when you don?t really know the exact places of a city and you are totally unaware of the environment and the culture of a place.

Journey back to home was comfortable and I felt completely safe now ?after leaving the car I thanked the driver for such a great ride and yes, I called the company to appreciate their work and their best service. From that day till now I prefer the chauffeure service over the taxi as my first experience was so amazing.