Posted on 20-May-2019

Like many different events that are celebrated all over the world, there?s St. Patrick?s Day as well. This one event is held on March 17 which is Saint Patrick?s traditional date of death. This is a religious as well as cultural event observed in many regions. The other common names of the event are ?The Day of the Festival of Patrick? and ?Feast of Saint Patrick?. Saint Patrick was Ireland?s first official patron saint. That?s why it was made official day of celebration in the 17th century. Now, in many parts of the world, this event is observed and people enjoy it to the utmost, in the Republic of Ireland, some provinces of Canada and Northern Ireland.

People all over the world want to enjoy St. Patrick?s Dayin its true spirits. But sometimes they are not able to do so. Sometimes they don?t have enough on hand and sometimes they have no idea how they can make the most of it.

St. Patrick?s Day 2019

Let?s look at a few things that will help you celebrate the day at its best and be able to save in on money as well. This day does not mean spending largely. You just need a way to enjoy the day and be a part of the event. It?s not necessarily about spending hundreds of bucks.

  • The day is all about different events being held on the same day. These events are exciting and absolute fun for the kids. Plentiful, the events like concerts, Parades etc., will allow you to learn a lot about Irish history and heritage without sending a single dime.
  • Its St. Patrick?s Dayand many might think its not meaningful if you don?t have plenty of drinks. Well, that?s one thing you need to understand. Even the drinks on discounted price will cost a lot. Its better you plan out a dinner with your buddies, close family members.
  • Involve your entire family in the celebrations by decorating your home. You can let your family, especially the kids, be a part of the festivities by letting them decorate the house with you. An arts and craft show or fairs can be a bit pricy so how about you be a little creative with the family at home. This way everyone can be a part of it and have a ball.
  • Its not necessary to hang out town. You can, instead, host a party at your place. Invite everyone you know from family members, friends to work buddies. You can also request your guests to bring their liquor so that everyone can equally enjoy and the party is not much of a burden on you.

St. Patrick?s Day is surely a day of fun, entertainment, celebrations and of course, lots of beer. But if you can?t do all of this, there is at least one thing you can do and in a way that will let you save a little than you hoped for.