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Updated on 22-Nov-2019

Summers have arrived. It?s a time when most of the families like to do a lot of fun activities. They plan to do this selection of activities with each other. Because its high time they need to spend quality time with one another. Planning summer holidays in London may be one way to go.

One of the reasons why parents plan out such activities is they?d like the kids to stay busy during their summer break. Also, it?s a great way to spend time with the children which they don?t really get to do all year long.

Families roll out into different urban farms, theme parks, aquariums, zoos, and adventure playgrounds to have the time of their life with the kids.

If you?re planning something as such in London, we have listed down the places where you can go with the kids.

  • Legoland Park, Windsor

LEGO is a renowned Danish firm which opened its most visited and fun Legoland Park in 1996 in Windsor located near London. This spot is famous for its theme parks and building block. Children from across the globe love to play with these blocks.

The spot is on the Windsor Safari Park grounds. The park takes up almost 150 acres of land. You can find about 50 interactive and amazing rides in Legoland Windsor. There?s a lot to do for both parents as well as kids.

Have a blast in the park while you?re on a visit to London/

  • Woodgate Valley

Of you head to the Northern outskirts of Birmingham, you can find the Woodgate Valley. Its an Urban Farm; a part of community gardens and 59 urban farm?s Network.

The farm is mainly run by charity. The fee that you pay to enter the farm mainly goes under donation.

During summers, you can visit the farm because this time around is known to be the best and most ideal. During the summer season, the farm is open up till 6.

If your kids are fond of the country side, add this activity to the list. They can learn a lot about farm animals and all the environmental issues whilst being there. A great way to educate the kids and also let have enjoy.

  • Greenwood Forest Park

You?ll find this park to the West of London. It can be located somewhere near the most popular Welsh Resort. It?s a seaside resort located in Llandudno.

There are lots of activities kids of every age can engage into. They can indulge them in crafts and activities, building den, as well as the toddler?s village. Also, there is an adventure playground for the kids to get busy in.

The summer brake is the best time to visit this Forest park to. The entire family can engage in lots of fun activities and have lots of fun.

  • Blackpool Zoo

Located in front of the Blackpool resort?s seafront, almost within a mile, you can find the Blackpool Zoo that was built on an old airport?s ground. This ground was later converted into a zoo. This happened after the Blackpool Tower Zoo?s closure.

You can find nearly 1,500 animals in the zoo. Its great for the kids and adults as well.

Now that you know all the things you could be doing in and around London, its best you book Imperial Ride?s chauffeur services so that you can easily roam around these places. You will have nothing to worry about. You don?t need the maps to find your pay, no need to rent a car every time you want to visit a place. Nothing!

Just hire chauffeur services by Imperial Ride and leave the rest to them. You just plan out your summer holidays in London for the entire family.

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