The 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2020 - Imperial Ride


Posted on 22-Jul-2020

Everyone loves travelling to beautiful places in their leisure time. While some places can be luxurious with a crowd of tourists, others can be quiet and in the budget range. You do not have to worry over skyrocketing prices. Many countries in the world have so many sightseeing to offer in an affordable range for everyone. Here we have 10 best budget travel destinations in 2020 for you to visit and admire natural scenery and decades-old heritage. 


The Vietnam-Southeast Asian country is the best budget travel destination you can go to in 2020. The country is widely popular among tourists for its beaches, rivers, buzzing cities and Buddhist pagodas. Sapa and Long Bay are the most popular among tourists and are always swarming with people. However, these are not the only places, but you can find dozens of affordable sightseeing spots and activities all over Vietnam. 

Do you love turtles, snorkelling and beautiful beaches? Then Con Son island is the best place for you. Cam Rank is another beautiful beach which has snails, lobsters and harbours in its speciality. You will find beautiful natural scenery in many districts, and they are a much cheaper travel option. 

Vietnam is cheap as you will only spend a few dollars in a day. Street food in Vietnam is healthy, delicious and light on the pocket. Whatever you wish to eat is more or less than $1. As for transportation, you can rent a bike at a low price, but some may find bustling roads uncomfortable, and therefore, buses and trains are another affordable and reliable option. As for the accommodation, you can get a decent and clean room for around $10 a day. Overall, you spent $40 a day in Vietnam, and it covers everything you do. 


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country, widely popular for food, beaches, martial arts and temples. The country has many islands which are known for the resorts for tourists, and each has its beauty. However, if you have planned a trip with a budget limit, then Northern Thailand is the most suitable choice for you. 

Head to Chiang Mai region in North of Thailand for budget-friendly rates and natural scenery. The city has Buddhist temples and is famous for its handicrafts and hilly areas. Visit Pai, another Thai town with Mo Paeng waterfall and Chinese village surrounded by mountains and forest. Chiang Dao has cliffs and the third-highest mountain in Thailand, and it is a perfect place to watch birds as over 360 species can be spotted there. 

For a daily budget, you can either spend $30 or $50 a day, depending on your choices. Simple accommodations can cost $5, and fancy can spike up to $30. Food is affordable, and you will love its exotic taste. Using local transport saves you money, and in this way, you can stay on budget. Thailand is easily the cheapest country to visit in 2020. 


Cambodia is another Southeast Asian country located next to Vietnam, and it gives you an advantage as both countries are affordable and you can manage to take a trip from one to another. The country has low-lying plains, mountains, the Mekong Delta and Gulf of Thailand coastline. It has one of the lowest rates and is the best backpacking destinations. 

You can spend a day in Cambodia with just $25, as meals will take $5-$10 per day, $3-$10 for accommodation and $6-$15 for bike rent or bus ticket. It's pretty cheap, and you can manage to spend as many days as you like and enjoy local food and sightseeing places. 


Morocco is the best budget destination in North Africa. The country is just stone throw away from Europe and borders the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has taken cultural influences from Berber, Arabian and European cultures. Marrakesh city has a maze-like medieval quarter which offers entertainment and shops selling ceramics, jewellery and metal lanterns. 

Spend $40 a day as Morocco is pretty cheap, you will find a low-priced hostel. Some extra money to spend? Then consider traditional hotels with garden courtyards. Morocco has part of the Sahara desert, which is the largest desert in the world. Go backpacking across the desert and camp under the stars. 


South Korea-the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, is an underrated travel destination because not many know about the great food and places it has to offer. Korea is a tech-advanced country with city skyscrapers, beautiful green and hilly countryside places full of Buddhist temples, coastal fishing villages, delicious and affordable food and traditional history.

Seoul is the capital and always crowded with people because if you love cities, then this city should be on your list. K-pop is popular all over the world, you can attend concerts, and on specific spots, you will see people busking. Busking and karaoke rooms are common and widely loved by Korean people. In Seoul, you can eat famous Korean BarBQ, drink beer and enjoy an evening out at the Han river, all at affordable prices. 

For beach lovers, visit Busan for some breathtaking and beautiful beaches. Korea has a centuries-old history, and you will see old palaces and historical landscapes in many cities. Travelling in South Korea is cheap if you plan properly and choose to stay in old traditional hotels, take the train or bus to your destination and east street food. 


Easter Europe consists of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova are the cheapest part of the continent and full of natural beauty and small towns. These countries are quiet and off the beaten path as most like to visit West Europe. Live with decent facilities for $40 a day as the hotels and food are cheap. Rent a bike in a few dollars and enjoy cycling in beautiful towns surrounded by forest and mountains. 

Ukraine might be a challenging country due to different languages, but you can hire a chauffeur service who will be your guide on the road and to places. It is an interesting and cheap travel destination as it only takes $26 per day to enjoy your time. 

Romania is known for Dracula, charming towns and tons of interesting activities. Take a long stroll in medieval villages, watch beautiful parks while staying in a budget range. Spend only $33 a day for hearty, delicious food, train ride, historical sightseeing and local guesthouse. 

Bulgaria has a rich heritage of dance, music, crafts and costumes dating to the 5th century. Enjoy folklore music, dance and opera singing with traditional costumes in the heart of the country. 

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is also known as Czechia is a country in Central Europe. The capital, Prague, is quite popular among tourists as each year many visits to see its beauty and culture. The prices here are low, and with any budget, you can travel with ease and comfort. Book a cheap Chauffeur service, as it will give you an advantage for your trip. These chauffeurs know the routes and all tourists attraction places saves you the trouble of finding locations and saves time. 

Czech cuisine is delicious and in large portions. In most affordable situations, you can go through $10-$15 in a day on meals. Eat-in a local restaurant and enjoy meatily and potatoes filled dishes. Hotels cost $12-$20 per night, and for transportation, the train is cheaper due to $5 tickets, while the bus ride costs $15-$20 for a day.

The entry fees to museums and castles are high and only suggested if you have extra money to spare. Go to the ones that you are most interested in and others you can admire from outside. The Czech Republic has great architecture and small marketplaces that you will surely love. 


The baltic states consist of three Sovereign states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that are located on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is perfect for those who like to visit Northeastern Europe on a limited budget. States have a vast history, rich culture, beautiful towns with natural scenery, and so many places to visit. Easily spend a few days in one country and get to explore all three in more than a week. 

For tourists on a budget, venture into small towns away from capital because they are cheaper and more relaxing to visit. Lithuania is a tiny place and underrated when it comes to tourism. In the capital, Vilnius, nightlife and partying are vibrant as alcohol is affordable. If you like quieter places and like a walk around the town, the Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Curonian Spit are the places to go. Keep in mind that accommodation is sometimes hard to get and therefore book in advance when planning to visit. 

Estonia is half forested and is a perfect destination for nature lovers. People can hike and go to national parks often and in an affordable range. It has small towns which are ideal for taking a walk and cycling, in this way you can also minimize transportation costs. Accommodations are not cheap when it comes to small towns, and for better options, you can stay in the capital. 

Latvia also has a lot of natural scenery as nearly half is covered in forests and has lakes, rivers which are suitable for canoeing. The best time to visit this country is during fall when leaves are changing colours and falling along river beds, making a beautiful scene when canoeing or a simple walk. Other than fall, you should visit in winter when the Christmas spirit is in full bloom, and you can see the vibe in the local market and decoration around the beautiful town. Pretty much every activity is affordable and therefore makes the best budget travel destination. 


Laos is a Southeast Asian country known for mountainous terrain, gill tribe settlements, French architecture and Buddhist monasteries. Vientiane is a capital and tourist attraction in the country. Capital is famous for That Luang monument, the Buddha's breastbone, Patuxai war memorial and Talat Sao complex, which is a market full of food, clothes and other stuff. 

Many activities you can do in Laos are cheap such as hiking, zip-lining through the jungle canopy, motor rides in small towns, boat rides in rivers and waterfall sightseeing. You can save money from transportation and food because of low rates, but the accommodation range is not much low. In short, you can stay on your $30 a day budget in Laos. 

If you are interested in seeing ancient architecture, then go to the old capital and the new capital which has a rich history and huge ancient temples. The country is mostly covered in mountains, forests and many river canals, and nature lovers will surely love visiting for admiring the natural view and outdoor activities. On a budget and don't like big crowds? Then it is a decent option to consider. 


Due to a weaker currency, Turkey is a budget travel destination for many tourists. Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian country filled with many fascinating and incredible places. The country is located between East and West and once was home to Ottman Empires. You see many Roman ruins, cave cities, crowded bazaars and Mediterranean Beaches around the country. 

Turkey has a vast culture, and you can find many historical places. Historic Ottoman-era palace now converted into a Museum is a great place to go on a memory lane about the past. Dolmabahce Palace is another turned-museum from the Ottoman era. Hagia Sophia- the Great Mosque of Ayasofya is a popular tourists attraction. It is known as the epitome of Byzantine architecture masterpiece and known as the one who changed the history of architecture. 

Istanbul is the largest and widely popular city in Turkey, and each year thousands of tourists swarm to see the incredible places and bazaars. The Grand Bazaar is lined with colourful markets, and you can find each kind of item and especially traditional things. Another popular location is Taksim square which is known for busy nightlife, shopping and dining. 

Riding on a hot air balloon which is practically the signature tourist spot in Turkey, might be expensive for you. However, there are many bucket-list things you can do while staying in your budget range. You can save money by taking buses and sticking to one or two cities. Moreover, food is always delicious with tons of variety and not expensive as it costs around 10-15 dollars per person. Roughly, you get to spend $40 per day while staying on budget options.