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Posted on 04-Jun-2019

The Investec Derby Festival ? Let The Horse Racing Begin

The most awaited and heart-pounding event is about to take place in England, the Investec Derby Festival. The event officially marks the start of the summer season in the U.K. Many new exciting events are marked for the year to come. However, this year is awesome in its own way.    

Article: For all those who are major fans of The Investec Derby Festival, here?s the exciting news they?ve been waiting for. The race begins on the 1st of this month to the next day which is the 2nd of June. 

However, for those who have no clue what this event is about, then read on to find out all about it. 

Officially named as the Investec Derby, or more commonly known as the Derby Stakes, this is a flat horse race ? Group 1 ? that takes place in England. This race is open to fillies and colts aging 3 years. The event takes place at the Epsom Downs Racecourse located in Surrey. This horse race is 2,420 meters of distance to be covered.  

Also, this year around, on 31st of May, the is a Ladies? day event that will take place. This day is witness to some really exhilarating and exciting racing. However, the Ladies? day event is open to fillies only. You will also get to witness some high-end fashion, glamour, style, elegance, and hospitality that is sumptuous.   

Out of the most prestigious five classics in Great Britain, this race is renowned to be the richest and most exclusive. Because of these factors, many also refer the race to as ?The Blue Riband?. Since this sporting event has been running continuously each year, this has to be the greatest, most exciting race there is.

The Epsom Downs Racecourse has easy access. So getting to and around to be part of the event won?t be much of an issue. You have the choice of getting there through rail or even the road. 

This event is not only about horse racing. There?s more to it. From a whole lot of remarkable features which participants bear witness to entertainment that is one of its kind, there?s just so much happening. From unique and incredibly stunning fashion displays, celebrity DJ appearance, skydiving to parties, there?s just so much to catch with so little time.

Since it's about to happen real soon, get ready for some heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing excitement and action. The event is just around the corner and so is summer.