Posted on 20-May-2019

You are constantly in a rush, delaying more than you want, or find that you don’t achieve your daily targets? Well, we’re sorry to say but you might have the case of poor time management skills. But don’t stress or panic! Time management is something which many people struggle on daily occasions. On the other hand, with our time management skills examples, you will be able to manage your time more efficiently.


Top 6 Time management skills examples:

What time is it?

Having a clock in front of you becomes very beneficial. As it allows you to track the time spent on a task as well as helps to track if you might be spending too much time on it. If you realize you’ve been occupied in a task for too long and aren’t getting anywhere, then take a short break. Since breaks are extremely important because it give you a chance to decompress, helping you stay more productive overall. So, be careful and make sure you keep your eye on the time allowing you to get that short break.


Time management


Looking at your to-do list can be overwhelming. Even though it may seem that way at first, it will help you pick out the most important and quickest tasks to tackle. Sometimes having small tasks, takes up a large chunk of your time which become very frustrating however our service makes sure you are getting all your essentials done in a flawless and effortless way.

Ever experienced a shopping nightmare, going out to buy all the products you need but when you get home you realize you have missed some products you intended to buy? Well, we have an easy solution. This might sound simple but it makes your time more manageable. This can be done by picking up your pen, grabbing a notebook, and making a list of all the groceries you need to buy and other plans you may have. This will ensure you won’t forget anything! Allowing you to visually see what you need to do helps you break down your tasks into smaller pieces.

Check list



You already have a checklist so why do you need to have a calendar? Creating a calendar will help you de-clutter your schedule and allow you to visualize the designated dates that are due. Therefore, this will allow you to make any changes simply, whether you have overlapping or back-to-back deadlines. A calendar will display what you really can achieve and the amount of time you should be working towards your deadline.
Learn to say no

It’s fine to take on more tasks and say “yes” to taking on new opportunities. However, more importantly, its sometimes better to say “no”. Many people have trouble to say “no”, which leads to taking on too many tasks which might consequence in incomplete or dissatisfaction. Make sure you only take on the number of tasks you are comfortable with. It’s okay to say “no”. Just don’t say no to everything— new opportunities can be very important too! If you do decide to take on an extra task, free up some time with us. Our driver will give you the extra time you need to answer those emails or phone calls on the ride there and back.

 Learn to say no

Put an end to procrastination

Have you noticed those extra browsers constantly opening or you’re phone always flashing with new text messages?  So why don’t you close those browsers and turn your phone on silent and find a quiet place to work to get rid of those distractions around you. When you focus on the task at hand, you will notice that you’re making a big difference as you are getting a lot more done than before.

Create more time

Ever wished you had just a few more minutes to complete that goal. Even if you follow our time management skills examples and tips, it can still be difficult at the time. So, how do you create more time? With Imperial Ride, of course!

If you have errands to run, important phone calls to make or emails to answer, our drivers will make a huge difference. Why not complete all these tasks in the comfort of your own designated driver to handle your time as you travel effortlessly? Since our service is perfect to help you use your time wisely. So, if you’re falling short of time, be sure to book a trip at Imperial Ride!