Tips to Maintain Your Health While Traveling


Updated on 02-Dec-2022

You finally get to go on that fantastic vacation, only to come down with a nasty cold or gain a few undesired pounds. Travelling can expose you to a variety of infections and viruses, as well as alter your food and exercise routine.

When you're travelling, it's easy to let healthy habits slip by, especially if you're on vacation. It is, nevertheless, feasible to have a pleasant time, sample local cuisine, and get some exercise without preceding a full holiday. We'll show you how to blend enjoyment with wellness while on the road because, after all, isn't it the aim of a holiday to live your best life?

Here are some suggestions to help you stay healthy while travelling during the holidays.

Don't take aisle seats

When it comes to booking a flight seat, you may want to be more selective for airport transfers too. Yes, you can simply get up. When your neighbour makes you get up, you will get less sleep and be exposed to more infections. One possible explanation is that persons strolling up and down the aisle, especially those returning from the restroom, tend to grip the top of the aisle seat for support, potentially spreading germs.

While the air on flights is recirculated and virtually germ-free, it is also extremely dry, so stay hydrated.

Health check-ups prior to vacations 

Preparing for a healthy vacation begins before you travel. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure that you are in good health. Discuss the recommended immunizations for the country you'll be visiting. Also, study Lonely Planet's health section before deciding whether or not to be inoculated. We've been travelling in Asia for so long that we've learned to follow the locals' lead and avoid immunizations. That isn't to imply that we won't take the recommended precautions when we travel to Europe or Africa.

One of the ways we keep our health is by travelling with vitamins. We bring multivitamins, magnesium, and vitamin C with us on our trips and take them regularly. We keep zinc and echinacea on hand if we start to feel a flu-like condition coming on. We recommend that you start taking vitamins and eating well a few weeks before your vacation, as well as getting plenty of sleep and drinking plenty of water. Consider going on a detox. On your vacation, you'll have lots of opportunities to sample delicious cocktails and wines.

Get adequate sleep every day

Getting enough sleep every day is important for maintaining a healthy immune system. You're more likely to get sick if you don't get enough sleep.

Get decent hours of night's sleep before you travel, and try to maintain a normal sleep routine as much as possible while on a trip. 

Here are some tips to help you obtain the seven to nine hours of sleep you need every night:

  • At night, keep your room cool.
  • Minimum Caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • An hour before going to bed, avoid electronic gadgets like cell phones and e-books.
  • While travelling through any means, wear an eye mask and earplugs and get some rest.

Healthy and Balanced Eating

Maintaining a balanced healthy diet will keep you healthy throughout the year, but especially during travelling. A well-balanced diet includes whole, immune-boosting foods that go a long way toward boosting your immune system and battling an infection.

Bring a first-aid kit everywhere

Remember to bring a first-aid kit. When travelling, it's a good idea to include some basic first-aid supplies, especially if you're travelling with children. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain or fever, DEET-based insect repellent, antibacterial wipes or gels, a motion sickness treatment, an anti-diarrheal like Pepto-Bismol or Imodium, adhesive bandages, disinfectant, and an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin should all be included in your box.

Also, if you're bringing personal medication, keep it in your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage in case your luggage gets lost in transit.

Take Care of your skin

You don't want a nasty sunburn to ruin your vacation. Protect your body skin from the sun's harmful rays by bringing a hat and an umbrella, and use sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher. While the sunburn may fade, the elevated risk of skin cancer will persist, so take precautions.

Exercise regularly

You may believe that your perfect vacation consists of lounging on the beach all day, but including physical exercise in your day can make you feel better and finally more rested. It's simple to add regular cardio while you're away, whether it's using a hotel gym, walking or riding a bicycle instead of taking cabs to see the sights, or even doing pushups, jumping jacks, or yoga in your room. Exercise strengthens the immune system and releases happy hormones called endorphins.

Take care of your emotional health

Touring is frequently strenuous, and it's hard to stand in line among throngs of people vying for a good photo moment. It's also important to look after your mental well-being.

Allow time for jet lag, culture shock, and sensory overload to subside. Take a break from the stress of touring and spend some time alone, practising slow breathing or meditation. Take a break and sit in the park for a few hours. Read a book in your hotel room, relax on your balcony, or take advantage of the resort/hotel services. Day spas are found in many larger hotels and include gyms, massage treatments, and steam rooms.

Hiking is another excellent well-being exercise, and it is beneficial to both your physical and mental well-being. Plus, you'll frequently come across breathtaking views!

Most importantly, do it slowly and don't put too much pressure on yourself or others.


To conclude, these are some but not all tips for you to help you stay safe on your vacations and enjoy a healthy time in any part of the world away from home. While enjoying time away is important, it is also essential to take care of your health to have a much better and pleasant time. We hope you take this advice and put your health on a priority and have a great time on your vacation.

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