Posted on 20-May-2019

You love to travel and this time you are all set to go to London which is the federal capital of England. You might have heard a lot about London, lots of quirky stuff are out there to see and do. But on a first visit, getting involved in quirky stuff would not be a good idea. As you are visiting London very first time in your life, you should know the top five most important and historically sound to visit here.
If you are not aware of the topmost important places to visit in London. Then let?s walk with us, and we are going to unearth the best visiting places in London. There might be more than a hundred places to visit in London, but we are going to talk about the top five places.


London attracts about 15 million visitors every year, and the numbers are exponentially growing owing to obvious reasons. You need to write down these five places to visit in London in your diary for reasons that they are the oldest, the biggest, and hub of history and culture.

Tower of London


If you love visiting historical places, then the Tower of London is the perfect place to spend some hours. And once you get there, you would know why the people are coming into lanes to visit this place. One of the world?s longest and historically correct tourist attractions is the Tower of London. There are dozens of stuff you need to explore here, starting from the narrow corridors to King?s chamber.

On your first visit, I think you would spend at least two hours wandering through the narrow corridors imagining life here in the tower nearly 1000 years ago. Here you can witness London?s first zoo, various animal models, and the famous King?s chamber. In the end, let?s not forget the crown Jewel- the jewels are kept in the jewel house, to ensure safety.

Here at the Tower of London, you witness the dark history of prison and executions. To see the crown jewel and Zoo, you need to book the ticket online, to save time and money, as the longest queue can make you not visit the place due to overcrowds.

Buckingham Palace


You have come to London for a visit and not going to see Buckingham Palace? That does not sound good?! Buckingham Palace was built in 1837, and one of the most important places to visit in London. It is just not the building or the residence that you are going to visit, changing of the guard what takes place at 11:30 between May and July every year, a superb display of precision marching.
And if you are lucky enough, you may see the royal family person on the balcony, and if you are wished to see Buckingham Palace from inside, you will have to wait for the queen goes off to Scotland. And then, you can pay an admission fee, and see the official residence of the royal family from inside.

London Eye


If you really want to start off with entertainment London Eye is the best tourist attraction place. You need to ride on the London eye, 135 meters tall, the highest Ferris wheel in entire Europe.
You can have some unforgettable moments if you can go ride on the London eye around sunset. Because at that time you can see the sun setting down and on the other side the light in the entire city has begun to twinkle. This world?s tallest wheel allows you to see around 40 km in any direction, a perfect blend of art and science.


The first thing which comes to mind, when someone mentions London is a gigantic clock, that is Big Ben. This clock was completed in 1859 and situated at Elizabeth tower. This clock has been world-famous owing to its size and you would be amazed to see this four-faced chiming clock. You can walk up to the top of the clock, and see how magnificently the clock is designed which is known as Big Ben.
And another place, which has been the center of Britain?s government for centuries, is the House of Parliament. You need to have a guide along with you to make the visiting official and to explore the place completely.

Hayde Park London


You need to see London?s largest open area, Hyde Park which is spread over 350 acres, and this place has been a must to visit tourist place for more than 300 years.
You need to lay down there on the grass, get some rest, and in the summer months, there are lots of things to do and see here in Hyde Park.


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