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Christmas : ?The festive season doesn?t mean that businesses stop operating. There are always going to be meetings to attend and places to be, necessitating the use of some form of transport. Transport have a tendency to increase in volume over the Christmas season; with the added traffic of festive shoppers taking to the roads. It?s guaranteed that there will be some kind of travel issue that will occur. Therefore, we ensure that your journey takes place in a timely and comfortable manner, minimising the stress of a busy commute to work or a day out shopping.



With more traffic consuming the roads, it is expected that you are going to run into some kind of delay on your journey?if you don?t plan well enough in advance. Also, using satnav technology is possible to navigate alternate routes to assist you by getting to your destination on time, however, this is reliant on other road users not necessarily using the same route as your satnav. Alternatively, this can be prevented if you set off earlier, giving yourself plenty of time to tackle any delays that you may encounter. Not sure about the area well enough and you don?t trust satnavs? You can always rely on a chauffeur service to get you seamlessly from point A to point B.



It?s not just traffic that can cause delays during the festive season; exploring London the weather always plays a huge part of enjoyment while traveling. As it?s impossible to control the weather, it?s advisable to check the weather forecast for the days that you are looking to travel as conditions such as snow can play havoc with even the best-laid plans.



If you want to avoid the roads yourself but still need to travel, it can be very tempting to catch the next bus or jump on the train to your destination. Despite the fact this seems like a great idea at the moment, you?re running the risk of experiencing an uncomfortable journey. This could affect your mood, which isn?t ideal when you?re heading to an important meeting, a corporate day at work or Christmas?shopping.

Instead, why not book yourself a chauffeur service and relax in the comfort of a stylish car? If you?re interested in a stress-free journey this festive season, don?t hesitate to get in touch with us ? we?ll be more than happy to help.


Due to the number of bookings we will have during the Christmas period, now is the best time to plan and book your rides. To secure your luxury car and driver for the day(s) call 0208 090 4926 or send us details of your booking to Need a faster way to contact us? Send us a?message.

Christmas is an extremely busy time of the year. From gift shopping adventures to family dinners, everything seems like one huge mess. Everyone is in a hurry, there are people everywhere, busy with their dealings. At such a time, it seems almost impossible to get from one place to another. However, Imperial Ride provides you with a solution to your travel problems. We don?t claim being able to provide last minute transportation, since that is an impossible feat due to the increased consumer demand, but we can take care of all your Christmas problems if you book a car with us in advance. This will help you overcome all the problems that are generally associated with Christmas time travel.

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