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Updated on 05-May-2020

COVID-19, or commonly known as Corona Virus, is a Pandemic that is continuously threatening humanity. This virus has taken many lives, and daily lifecycles have also been badly affected. But to fulfill the needs of traveling, local traveling is allowed with strict rules and regulations. Public transports have been banned because they are insecure. Now the only source for travelling is a private vehicle. No need to worry if you do not have your car, especially in London. Many chauffeurs in London are available to take you where you want.

Bond Street is famous and in the list of most expensive streets in the world. This street is located on the West End of London. This street links Piccadilly in the south and Oxford in the north. The road always has the hustle and bustle in it. It has been famous for the sales of goods like fancy clothes and many other products. COVID-19 has badly affected the international and national markets, but this street cannot be entirely closed due to basic human needs. So you should follow safety precautions while traveling to this street. Here are a few tips that can be helpful to travel to Bond Street with safety in the current situation.

Use face mask

The N95 mask is the best face mask in this pandemic situation. While every mask is somehow beneficial but N95 is much suitable for COVID-19. While travelling to Bond Street, there is an excellent chance of getting affected, so cover your face and save your and other?s life from this threat.

Do not touch anything unnecessarily.

This dangerous virus spreads by touching, from the surroundings. Touching an infected person or anything handled by such persons can transfer the germs on your hands and thus inside your body. So keep your hands in control and be safe.

Use gloves

Gloves are helpful in keeping your hands safe from germs. While moving in Bond Street use of gloves is very necessary.

Do not touch nose, mouth, or eyes.

This virus directly affects the throat and internal respiratory system. The easiest way to be exposed to this virus is through your face, so do not touch your face without adequately washing hands and using hand sanitizers.

Keep social distance

Keeping distance is the most essential precaution that is much useful to stay safe from COVID-19. As the virus spreads from person to person, so do not get too close with someone, even your special or loved ones.

Best Chauffeur Service in Pandemic

The imperial ride is the best option for the chauffeur service in London.  While traveling to Bond Street or any part of London we should be your preferred choice. Our chauffeurs are highly trained for every situation. They completely dis-infect the vehicle through our nearby stations, after providing service to any customer. They strictly follow the regulations and safety precautions set by the government and health organizations. They can even help you to understand the useful safety measures while traveling. We also provide services for Airport transfers and Business traveling.

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