Posted on 20-May-2019

Twickenham, located in Western London, houses the Twickenham Rugby Stadium which is the largest in the world for this sporting event. This stadium is devoted complete to the union of Rugby. This arena is considered to be, perhaps, one of the most iconic and renowned stadiums all over the world for sports. The arena has the privilege of hosting some of the best Rugby union matches. The stadium is also the host of many other International Games of England.

About Twickenham Rugby This Year

This year, 6 European nations are competing in Twickenham Rugby Tournament. The tournament, by the look of the participating teams, seems be a promise of wonderfulness, excitement and lots of entertainment. Six capitals will be taking part in the 2019 tournament.

England will first face Wales and Ireland in Dublin. It will also take on Cardiff in world?s two biggest games of Rugby. England is also to Welcome France, Scotland and Italy to the Twickenham.

The Rugby matches are set to start in February and will end in March. A total of 6 matches will be played by the competing teams. Most of the rugby games will take place in Twickenham. Only one match in which England will compete against Ireland will be held in Aviva Stadium.

Twickenham Rugby

Are You Planning To Go?

Rugby fans from all over the world come to witness this magnificent Twickenham Rugby event. For that purpose, there are many companies and agents that can help you get an ideal location to stay for the game. You will also need to get the tickets pre-booked for the game. Its better you book your tickets prior to the tournament because chances are you might not get one at that time.

Twickenham is a city that is filled with transportation and other facilities to cater all travellers for the purpose. You can find great hotels, transportation and other facilities while you?re in the city. It can be fun if you combine both the tournament with your holiday.

Twickenham Rugby Museum

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a Twickenham Rugby museum located in the arena. This museum is not for the English union only but it also covers International Rugby of the entire world. The museum is very interesting. It will give you a history of the sport as well as other vital information regarding Rugby.