Posted on 09-Oct-2023

Travelling by air can be thrilling as well as tiring. After every long or short flight, one of the things to worries is: How soon can one exit an airport for the next stop? The importance is evident when one gets to know that an appropriate and orderly meeting service at the airport is required.

Determining the best time to book an airport transfer for frequent or infrequent travelers may not be the easiest thing to do. Worry not! That’s why we have made a complete manual for you. Here, we analyze the details using services offered by Imperial Ride, a leading chauffeur service.


You also need to know what happens upon landing of your flight to help you determine the perfect time for chauffeur pick up.

Flight Landing Time: It refers to the moments your plane lands or takes off the ground.

Plane Parking at the Gate: The plane takes approximately 5 minutes to taxi and then park at the gate.

Immigration Clearance: Among the longest post-landing procedures. This may be anything from 30 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic at the airport.

Luggage Pickup: If you are through with immigration, then it is baggage claim. It usually takes about 10 minutes to collect luggage.

Meeting Your Chauffeur: Once you pick up your baggage, it takes around 5 minutes to walk through the terminal to meet the chauffeur.

Let's illustrate with an example:

Flight Scheduled to Land at 8:00 AM For the aforementioned processes, reservation of your chauffeur can be made at either 08:45 AM (less occupied hours) or 09:00 AM (peak hours).

It is also important to note that if you carry excessive luggage or you are more than two in a party, you should plan a pickup time that’s 30 minutes earlier.

Why choose Imperial Ride’s Chauffeur Services

Imperial Ride has a commitment to providing the best of the best when it comes to Airport Transfers. Here's why you should choose us:

Exceptional Fleet: Our fleet is made up of top-of-the-line luxury cars to help you relax as your journey ends comfortably!


Professional Chauffeurs: Our chauffeurs are well trained, and courteous, always ensuring that you are respected, and enjoy a smooth, safe trip.

Flight Time Adjustments: Flight timings are inherently unpredictable. Imperial Ride is continuously monitoring its flight schedules. We arrange to pick you up at an earlier time if your flight is delayed or arrives sooner.


If you have a flight scheduled to land at 8:00 AM, you scheduled your pick up at 08:45 AM; however, now your flight is landing at 09:00 AM instead of 08:00 AM. Imperial Ride will automatically adjust your new booking time – from 08:45 AM to 09:45 AM.


Keep Buffer Time: Remember to take into account unexpected delays at immigration and baggage claims.

Inform About Luggage: We should be informed when you will be arriving with many bags or in a large group. This entails selecting the appropriate vehicle and scheduling a convenient pickup time.

Flight Details: Always give us the correct flight information, this will help us keep a record of the flight status, and in case an adjustment in the pickup time is required.

Stay Connected: Ensure you have our chauffeur’s and out customer service number, and keep your phone on. In this case, it may help to pass on any last-minute changes or upgrades quickly.

Finally, smooth airport pickups demand some planning and comprehension of the processes of what happens after landing. To have a smooth journey from the airport, remember the above points and trust a dependable chauffeur service like Imperial Ride. Safe travels!


In some airports, you can be served on-the-spot but pre-booking with Imperial Ride is certainly beneficial.

Peace of Mind: The knowledge that a luxury car is waiting for you just outside the airport terminal can significantly ease your anxiety related to travel.

Cost-Effective chauffeur prices: With pre-bookings, you may secure a better rate, as the reservations made at the last minute during peak hours might cost higher prices.

Personalized Chauffeur Service: This gives us adequate time to appreciate your tastes and needs for instance; your preferred vehicle, favored chauffeur or any special requests.

No Waiting: Leave long queues and wait for a vehicle behind! At the appointed time, your chauffeur will wait for you at the terminal, for immediate exit from the airport.


Modern Fleet: All our fleets are based on luxury vehicles. We have cars for everyone, whether you prefer the elegance of a sedan or the space provided by an SUV.

Transparent Billing: Here at Imperial Ride, our billing system is completely open. What you will pay is what you see during the booking process and there are no additional fees.

English Speaking Chauffeurs: Anxious about language differences when travelling from abroad? Our chauffeurs speak excellent English.

Safety First: Our fleet is all maintained vehicles, while our chauffeurs have been well-trained to handle any road situation. Your safety will be guaranteed from where you begin to where you end.


Quick air travel may become weary due to certain reasons. No traveler after a flight wishes to be at a loss at what transport to take. Going by Imperial Ride’s premier chauffeur services; this is not just about convenience, but luxury, reliability, as well as peace of mind.

Take into account some points given below when planning your next airport pick-up. Look no further than Imperial Ride service for making the rest of the trip more perfect. In fact, this journey is not terminated by the landing; it proceeds along the road, and this part of your trip is an honour for us to make it memorable. Welcome to Imperial Ride – The Safe/Luxury Travel.