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So you?re in London for the weekend? Or just a day? Well, don?t just talk about visiting one of the?world?s most exciting and vibrant capital cities, when you can visit it without the use of public transport, queuing up for the bus, or breaking your legs walking endless miles. Enjoy the sights and sounds of London?s main attractions from the luxury of your private car, with an exceptional driver to show you any part of London, it?s your choice, your car, your driver!

The magnificent London Eye at night.

The magnificent London Eye at night

Why choose us?

We are a London based chauffeur company and provide excellent service and competitive prices. We provide services of all types including personal tours, private hire, airport transfers, VIP London experiences, weddings, parties, business trips, corporate events, and much more. We specialise in providing a great experience for our clients and professionalism is very important to us. Time management and comfort are part of our core values because we care about maintaining our reputation. We care about our customers and aim to provide the highest standard of customer service. Our cars are also the top of the range luxury models, like the S class Mercedes and Mercedes V-Class. All our cars are comfortable and safe to travel in, along with an experienced driver to guide you through your favourite attractions.

Holding up to 6 passengers in one of our luxury executive seven seaters, your driver will take you to all the famous landmark sights, including Parliament Square, Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud?s, Leicester Square, Oxford Street and much more.


What else to see in London?

First of all, London doesn?t just have to be about sightseeing. There are places you can visit that offer a unique cultural and educational experience to stimulate your mind.



London has the best theatre scene in the world; attracting the best acting talent, so don?t be surprised if you see famous faces on stage. Choose from beautifully crafted musicals to classic plays and west end debuts. Famous theatres like the old Vic, the Prince Edward, and the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square are all perfect places we recommend to our executive clientele and we can provide you with the facilities to get you to your chosen venue in style and comfort.


What better way to learn about British history and the impact it had on the world, fighting in epic world wars and discovering new inventions? You?re guaranteed to learn something new and experience a wonderful taste of Britain. London is home to the best museums in the world in our opinion, with a variety to choose from including the British Museum, the national history museum, national science museum and Tate Modern just to name a few. There are also smaller museums like the art gallery and antique museum. Don?t worry; it won?t break your wallet as the national museums have free admission, so you are free to spend the rest of your money on food and entertainment and of course your lovely chauffeur driven experience.

High views, high altitude sights

Shard in London

Had enough of being on the ground, surrounded by heavy traffic and people? Why not get away somewhere higher? London?s skyline buildings are still evolving and getting higher and higher. Try to visit the Shard, to take in panoramic views of London or the London Eye.

For those of our readers who have never been to London, we have a question: Do you think London is an interesting city? While that may be a hard question to answer, at least you can be sure that London is huge in terms of geographical size. This means that there are plenty of places within London that you must visit if you ever plan to visit London. One of the most famous places that you can often see on television is the London Eye. There are plenty of theatres and skyscrapers that are architectural masterpieces. So give us a call if you want to book a car chauffeur for a day so that you can tour London in peace and comfort.


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