What Are The Good Hacks For Travelling Through Heathrow Airport?


Updated on 17-Apr-2024

London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe. Daily, thousands of people flock in and out of London through this airport. It is estimated that more than 70 million passengers fly through this airport. If you have never experienced travelling through an international airport before, Heathrow can be terrifying to get your head around. To travel through Heathrow like a pro, here are some hacks for you

Always Be On Time

Get to Heathrow the fastest way possible. Heathrow Express is best for reaching the airport in just 15-minutes particularly from central London especially Paddington. If you have only one carry-on bag with you, this racehorse is best for your Heathrow transport. But it would cost you more than the London tube. So if you are coming from the eastern or southern part of the city, Piccadilly Line of London Underground is the best choice. But if you are travelling at odd hours and have a lot of luggage then go for a taxi. You can book a chauffeur service by just clicking on their app and you are ready to go to Heathrow.

Check Your Terminal

There are four terminals of Heathrow. They are numbered 2-5, which is very confusing. Terminal 1 is not in use now. Don?t stress out if you find yourself in the wrong terminal because you can travel in between the terminals by Heathrow express without any charges.

Be-prepared for Check-in System

Most of the international airports now have online check-in systems. You can take advantage of it by printing the boarding pass right after this process. Though it is advisable to use printing boarding pass Heathrow now accept the mobile versions of these documents as well. So you can use these screenshots too. Moreover, if you are flying from terminal 5, you can get the fastest check-in service as tube exit is on the left and T5?s line is shortest on the right. Also, to get the fastest check-in service to avoid wearing boots and belts. Once you are done with boarding you can enjoy unlimited food and drinks in Heathrow.

Free Wi-Fi

Heathrow gives four-hours of free access to Wi-Fi so you can update your status on social media if your flight is delayed; you just have to Sign-up for Heathrow rewards. It takes only a few seconds and you access another free four-hour Wi-Fi service.

Charge Your Mobile

Heathrow as other airports doesn?t allow the devices which can?t be turned on. For this, Heathrow airport provides free power pole charging stations which are present at all the terminals. So you can choose any charging point, but you have to hold your device while it?s charging.

Heathrow airport, app

Nowadays there is an app for everything, so why not for Heathrow? You can download the Heathrow app on your smartphones. It updates you about your flight and helps you to navigate the airport. Also, it helps you to find a lounge in case your flight is delayed. There are many lounges dotted on Heathrow so you can find the one most suitable for you by this app.

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