What Luxury Travel Will Look Like Post-coronavirus? - Imperial Ride


Posted on 09-Sep-2021

No one could have foreseen how the global pandemic would alter our lives as we knew them as we approached the year 2020. Our freedom to travel has been restricted, and for the majority of the year, we've been able to fantasise about vacations by browsing online to book later. Those who enjoy travelling in grandeur and visiting exotic locales may have to reconsider their plans.

COVID-19 has redefined what luxury travel means to affluent passengers, from the number of sites to the quantity of staff on hand. It has also boosted the demand for travel insurance.

As it appears more likely that travel will be cancelled for the rest of the year, we're focusing on how the luxury travel sector will weather the storm. Will we reconsider how we travel and its influence, or will we simply return to our old habits as soon as we can board a plane?

Purposeful travelling 

Few people have escaped the global pandemic, but some will be hit harder than others, particularly those who rely on tourism for making a living. Taking a trip just for the sake of visiting a nice hotel or destination will be obsolete. Rather, tourists will want to take a rest with a revitalised feeling of curiosity and purpose. They'll want to make the most of their time away by learning a new skill, rekindling a pastime enthusiasm, or simply engaging and connecting with local communities. You only need to check online to find reminders to aid local communities, whether they are right here in our backyard or beyond. People band together in times like these to assist each other out by contributing to local sustainability projects and efforts. And it appears that this trend will likely continue to expand in the next months, altering our travel habits for the foreseeable future.

Staycations on the rise 

Although long-distance travel will most certainly resurface in 2021, for the time being, staycations are essential for individuals wishing to get away and unwind.

Domestic travel will be a popular option for many people who wish to get away without the stress of travel restrictions or quarantine requirements. For most people, even a short journey will feel like a pleasant reprieve after being under full lockdown for so long. People have started exploring their backyards because they have little else to do and have realised that there are many luxurious things to do without needing to fly. Hotels say they're seeing an increase in bookings from staycations searching for a change of scenery close to home, whether it's a day trip to a neighbouring region or a weekend getaway a little further afield.

Hygiene and safety measures 

The pandemic has naturally resulted in a renewed emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. We've all grown accustomed to taking hand sanitiser with us wherever we go, washing our hands regularly, and being cautious of the surfaces we touch. This trend will undoubtedly continue, influencing how we travel.

With the expanded availability of hand sanitisers at various stations and the availability of face coverings, travel businesses and airlines are already doing everything they can to reassure their consumers that their safety is vital. Several high-end luxury hotels are implementing new measures that include installing a one-way system, in-room personal protection kits and contactless check-in to reassure their guests.

Demand for travel advisors 

Travel designers understand everything about travel, including who to work with, where to go, when to book, and which restaurants serve the most genuine cuisine. They have built a wide, exclusive network of relationships and knowledge to provide clients with the finest of the best. Luxury travel planners get to know their clients personally and tailor a vacation to their specific requirements, hobbies, and dreams.

Preference for private transport means 

Private jets, private yachts, private islands, and private guides are all available to you. Coronavirus social distancing strategies benefit from exclusivity. You are not sharing space or any items with a group of strangers when you have your own private transfer or personal guide.

You can organise a private tour with your guide and/or driver even if you don't buy a private trip to limit interaction points. You'll be able to visit the city on your own time and schedule, tailoring the day to your preferences and safety requirements.

On the ground, interstate and intracity mobility will be boosted by private transportation. Chauffeur services will become increasingly popular since there is nearly no chance of cancellation. They provide more privacy and are more reliable and flexible than other types of transportation.

Privacy will be a major worry in the sky because they guarantee flight in a 'bubble,' private jets and private helicopters will become increasingly popular. Because they are also better suited to short-haul flights, demand for shorter flights will increase. Commutes will also become increasingly localised, as demand for alternate modes of transportation increases as people travel closer to home. However, because demand for such services is expected to increase, this will almost certainly result in a price hike.