Which safety measures should be taken during travelling?


Updated on 17-Apr-2024

Travelling without proper research about destinations and lack of safety measures can result in mishaps and instead of enjoying it could be turned into a bad memory. Without carrying necessary protocols and precaution, you are exposed to thieves and scams in a new place. It is always recommended to research the safety of the place where you are going and keep updated above the place. Consult an experienced travel agent or a friend who has been there for the best advice, whenever you are going to a new place or an old keep in mind and check every time these safety measures.  

First Research about destinations and routes. It is the first and crucial step before any trip. Always consult an experienced travel agent who knows about local information and safe places. Check news regularly for any incident or crimes in the area.  

Share an itinerary with your family and friends. Once you decide on what to do and where to travel, share your plans with closed ones. Keep them updated about your location so, in case of help, they know where to go and do. 

Travel insurance is a good option if you are travelling for an extended period and have high risks. One having no travel insurance is fine as long as you stay safe. 

Write all emergency information in one place and keep it with you all the time. Note down information like a travel agent, embassy, police and dept of foreign affairs and trade?s contact information. 

Keep extra copies of important documents and your passport all the time. Being in a new place has a high risk of robbery and being lost. Keeping all the documents safe at one place and copies with your help when facing any difficulty. 

 Do not hitchhike. Either use public transport if you have a map and information. The best option is to use a chauffeur service. Chauffeur service is a more reliable and convenient option. They are well experienced in routes and location, and they will get you to your desired destination in comfort and security. 

At the airport watch for your belongings, carefully and on-time pick them after checking. 

You can consult from the tourist information desk for transportation. The best option is a chauffeur airport transfer service which you can book before landing. It is more convenient when landing at unfamiliar places where you do not know routes. 

When travelling in an unknown location, try to avoid going out at night. Avoid shady areas and ask for help from your hotel manager about safe and unsafe places. 

Beware of public Wi-Fi as it is easy to hack into and steal information.

Safeguard your belongings and hotel room. Always make sure that you have securely locked your belongings and hotel room when staying. 

Use a hotel room which has swipe cards compared to numbered keys because it is safer. Know the emergency exits, stairwell, fire escapes etc. of your hotel. Double-check door and window locks before sleeping.

Learn self-defence as it is the most important thing and should be put first when travelling. Both genders should know basic self-defence in case of unfortunate events and protect themselves.

Hide emergency cash anywhere in a room or your clothes when going out. Tourists are prone to get robbed, and therefore you must have extra money on you. Hide it in your footwear or boots.  

When you go to a new place, try to blend in with the crowd. Tourists stand out and are likely to get scammed and robbed.  

Pack a first aid kit with your luggage. Having a small but necessary first aid kit is essential when travelling. You can easily treat pains and minor wounds with your kit. 

Act wisely when drawing cash from an ATM. Use it at daytime when there is no one around and keep your card safe. While travelling, it is better to rely on a credit card than cash.

The travelling precautions are not limited to only these and can vary according to places. However, these are the basic and essentials which you should check before and while travelling anywhere. 


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