Why Choose the Imperial Ride Over the Uber?


Updated on 24-Feb-2022

Companies like Uber have revolutionised the professional vehicle service industry in the last few years. Unless you live in a significant metropolis, the days of hailing a cab and waiting in line with cash in hand are over. Consider hiring a professional chauffeur service instead of driving yourself to the airport or taking public transport. Imperial Chauffeurs offer several advantages.

Imperial Chauffeurs specialise in providing premium private transportation for a casual outing, a business meeting, hotel or airport pick-up, or even an extensive group trip. Our fleet comprises high-end vehicles that have been upgraded to provide even more luxury, safety, and conveniences like Wi-Fi.

Every service comprises a first-class Vehicle and a professional chauffeur with a track record of success. Imperial chauffeurs charge a very reasonable fare for travelling like a celebrity.

It is not necessary to be a millionaire to be picked up by an elegant Mercedes Benz Premium Class with a professional chauffeur at the doors of a hotel, the airport, or even at one's home.

Imperial Chauffeurs has both private vehicles and executive vans in its fleet. You can instantly order the required service, the type of vehicle you desire, and the place where your exotic transport will be waiting to drive you anywhere.

Here are some differences for why you should choose imperial ride over the uber service:

Professional Chauffeurs

A chauffeur's professional demeanour might differ significantly from one to the next. You might have to put up with a chauffeur who is constantly blathering on about the numerous conspiracies he believes in. Driving with Uber might be a great way to earn additional money on the side.

Our chauffeurs hold more than 20 years of chauffeur service experience. We'll go above and beyond your expectations. We'll have our chauffeurs find you right away, so you won't have to wait around. You'll never have to be worried about anything when you work with a reliable chauffeur service like Imperial Ride.

Luxury Vehicles

All Imperial Chauffeur premium vehicles are of the finest quality. Our mission is to ensure punctuality, comfort, and distinction, with cars such as Mercedes S-Class, V-Class, and E-Class, for an unforgettable experience while travelling through the UK's unique streets at any time.

Whether you need a chauffeured luxury vehicle for a special event or simply a car to get from one location to another in style, look no farther than Imperial Ride for the most refined luxury car hire with the chauffeur.

For long-distance excursions inside the territory or abroad, long-distance chauffeuring Imperial Ride's luxurious cars, as each of its drivers is dedicated to providing passengers with an enjoyable, safe, and on-time trip. Isn't that better than taking an Uber?

Consistent Rates

At some peak times of the day or night, ride-sharing apps might see pricing jumps that are out of this world. If you catch a bus at the wrong time, you could end up paying three times the standard fare. Your total cost is always the same while using the services of a chauffeur. We do not believe in hidden charges.


Have you ever made the mistake of attempting to hail a ride from a rideshare app or take an Uber after leaving a sporting event or a concert? Thousands of other people are looking for a way to get home. Many vehicles may not get everyone home, and you may be stuck at the event for hours. If you're lucky enough to secure a ride, be prepared to pay a hefty sum due to recent pricing increases.

Hire our luxury vehicle service ahead of time for your forthcoming event. You may be on your way home in a luxurious vehicle while everyone else is still waiting for their Uber. Ride in the luxury lap with a seasoned professional chauffeur. Imperial Ride Chauffeurs can assist you with any of your transportation needs.


Whether you need a lift to the airport or you need a ride to a special event, our private chauffeurs are happy to take care of you. Get started today by reserving your next ride with Imperial Ride.

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