Updated on 15-May-2023

The accessibility of transportation services, especially airport transfers, is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a hotel as a regular traveller. The concierge desk at many hotels offers airport transportation services. However, they are sometimes rather pricey. In this blog article, we'll examine why employing a professional chauffeur service like Imperial Ride might be a better choice than paying the higher rates charged by hotel concierges for airport transfers.

Reasons for Hotel Concierge high charges:  

Several variables cause the greater cost of airport transfers booked via hotel concierges. First, hotels may contract out their transportation needs to other companies, resulting in extra expenses for the concierge division. Hotel concierges often provide various other services, such as meal bookings, sightseeing excursions, and airport transfers. So that they can pay their costs and turn a profit, they could add a markup to the transfer's cost.

Most hotel drivers are highly skilled professionals with expertise in offering a secure and pleasant driving environment. They can give guests valuable advice and suggestions since they are informed about the neighborhood. Also, hotel drivers frequently drive luxurious cars that are kept up well and furnished with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and comfortable seats. These elements together raise the pricing point. The degree of service offered also adds to the greater cost of airport transfers booked via hotel concierges.

Why are Airport Transfers with Chauffeur Services Better?

You won't have to worry about dealing with the headache of public transit or standing in a queue for a cab when you arrange an airport transfer with a hotel concierge. Instead, your driver will pick you up and transport you straight to your hotel when you get there. Since your driver's time and skill are valuable, this level of convenience has a price.

While using the hotel concierge for airport transportation may be convenient, hiring a reputable chauffeur service like Imperial Ride may have several benefits. First, you won't have to worry about unforeseen expenditures or fees with Imperial Ride since you'll get a quoted price. Imperial Ride also employs a fleet of high-end vehicles, such as Mercedes, BMW, and Rolls-Royce models, to ensure you travel comfortably and elegantly.

With Imperial Ride, you may choose from vehicle types and departure timings, allowing you to customize your trip to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Utilizing Imperial Ride also has the benefit of offering a high degree of adaptability and customization. You may only be able to choose from a restricted number of transport alternatives and departure times when using a hotel concierge.



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