Imperial Ride will provide efficient travel options going from and to cruise arrivals and departures. Our chauffeur services are very beneficial if you are coming to any UK port and require transport straight to any location.

For the most wallet friendly choice of transport, we provide the brand new Toyota Prius to be used for cruise port transfers. Our simple and standard choice of Mercedes Benz E Class is a great choice if you are on a tight budget and need to get to your destination without any extras. This car is also a great choice for airport transfers and business meetings.

For an upgrade, you can choose our Mercedes Benz V Class which is a must if you want to hold a meeting throughout your journey and it is also vital if you are traveling in large groups or if you are traveling with a considerable amount of luggage . This car is a standard for airport transfers and can also be used in weddings because of the luxuriously spacious and comfortable nature of the vehicle.

Featured services

  1. سيارات فخمة
  2. نحن نقدم أحدث أسطول من السيارات الفاخرة لاجتماعات الأعمال وعروض الطرق المالية وأحداث الشركات.
  3. وقت الانتظار
  4. نقدم 60 دقيقة انتظار في المطارات و 15 دقيقة انتظار في أماكن أخرى
  5. سائقون محترفون
  6. تم تدريب السائقين لدينا ليكونوا محترفين للغاية ولجعل رحلتك مريحة وحدث لا ينسى.
  7. حلول الشركات
  8. نحن نغرس القيم في السائقين التي يلتزمون بها دائمًا من أجل تحقيقها لعملائنا من الشركات.
  9. دعم على مدار الساعة في اليوم24/7
  10. دعم مخصص على مدار الساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع عبر الهاتف والبريد الإلكتروني و Facebook Messenger والدردشة عبر الإنترنت

Ports we cover

We cover all locations in the UK as well as all ports, of which our most popular ports are Portsmouth Port, Southampton Port, Dover Port and Harwich Port.



Your benevolent chauffeur will wait for you at the arrivals hall, dressed sophisticated, with your name board. You will be provided with his phone number to stay in contact.



Your attired chauffeur will wait for 15 minutes at the arrival area after your cruise has arrived, free of charge. To compliment the ride, your vehicle will be furnished with water, newspapers and optional Wi-Fi.



We will keep track of your cruise with please. In case of delay or early arrival, we will be there tight on time. Our real-time cruise tracking and update system helps us stay ahead of our competition.

Our Vehicles

  • Business Class
  • Luxury Class
  • Elite Class
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