Events & Hospitality

Add a bliss to your experience at any special events with Imperial Ride’s cars and chauffeurs.

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Arrival is the one time you get to be seen at your best, so why not surprise everyone with the ultimate first impression with a beautiful car. Regular taxis just don’t play the part when it comes to the level of professionalism that we propose. We provide our services for absolutely any event, these consist of

  • Sporting events – football, boat racing and tennis
  • Holiday – Valentine’s day, Christmas
  • Art fairs
  • Car shows
  • Flower shows
  • Horse racing
  • Car racing – F1 and Formula E
  • Grand openings – museums, hotels and businesses

Our event chauffeur services are partnered with the thrive to provide absolutely any special request as the moment you arrive and get out of the car, you will become the centre of attention.

Below you will find some of the latest events where we will be providing our chauffeur services.