Covid-19 Safety Measures

Imperial Ride takes every possible saftey measure to ensure best environment for clients

Safety standards during the stressful time of the on-going pandemic

In this tough time of widespread virus, travel safely with us while carrying out all safety standards to keep yourself and others safe. We provide comfortable and sanitized chauffeur-driven vehicles for any kind of trip around the city. Our vehicles are licensed and insured and only operate by professionals. We offer rides for long-distance, airport transfer, business meetings, or leisure trips. Avoid the busy crowd and travel safely one-to-one with us. We give you door-to-door service. Our professional Chauffeur picks you up from your doorstep and drops you off at the exact location.

Imperial Ride always takes the well being of clients and chauffeurs seriously. We have adopted a safe routine, following the precautions to prevent the virus from transmitting. The new standards set by us, assures complete safety of passengers and chauffeurs. When you book with us, our management will ask questions about your health to ensure that you are safe to travel. You will also be provided the information about assigned Chauffeur to rest assured that he is safe to go with. Carry all safety precautions before and during the ride to keep yourself and your Chauffeur safe from viruses.

Safety standards for our passengers

Safety standards carried out by Imperial Ride Chauffeurs

Safety standards while riding with us

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and skilled in this regard, and we ask for your corporation during this difficult time. Follow the safety standards to make the ride safe and comfortable for both parties.

Coronavirus Testing

Our chauffeurs have their temperature checked regularly and on a daily basis. Besides that, Imperial Ride offers optional COVID-19 testing for the chauffeurs. Clients can demand their assigned chauffeurs to be tested for virus before the booked day.

We then test our chauffeurs for the virus and keep him isolated for at least 7 days before the booked day. Therefore, in this difficult time, book early and carry out all safety measures for a safe trip.