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Luxury Wedding Chauffeur Service

Our luxury wedding car hire service will give you the best experience at your wedding. We fully understand the need to be everything perfect on the wedding day, and that includes a well-driven wedding car. We aim to give the groom and bride the best ride to their wedding venue in our elite chauffeur driven car. Our services include a well-mannered chauffeur, white beaming vehicle, and also a range of features that will surely enhance your experience.

We have a range of vehicles from vintage to modern luxurious for wedding chauffeur service. Imperial Ride arranges any kind of vintage car you desire for the big day, so you can make your entrance as perfect as your wedding. In our Sedan business class, we offer Mercedes Benz E class and Mercedes Benz S class. For a more luxurious option, you can have a Private Limousine, Bentley Mulsanne, Range Rover Autobiography, and Rolls Royce Phantom. They are fully equipped, highly comfortable, convenient, decorated with a white ribbon and available for any location across London or outside.

Why Choose Us


Our wedding day Chauffeur-driven cars are aesthetically decorated with white ribbons upon request.


If any of your guests have to reach the wedding venue, we will be pleased to drive them.


Our chauffeur service covers wide range of venues across London.


We offer the best budget-friendly wedding car hire packages for weddings in London.

Classic Wheels for Your Most Memorable Mile

Imperial Ride in London and the UK gives you more than just a classic car for your wedding day. Imagine stepping into a shiny, classic Rolls-Royce or Bentley, feeling like a king or queen. These cars aren't just for travel; they make your big day grand. Each car is polished to perfection, making your wedding photos look like a royal affair. With Imperial Ride, you don’t just get a car; you get a royal experience. Their friendly chauffeurs treat you with great care, making your journey smooth and luxurious. On your special day, Imperial Ride makes you feel more than special - they make you feel royal. Choose Imperial Ride and add a touch of royalty to your wedding!


Your Love Story, Our Modern Luxury

At Imperial Ride, we are constantly reimagining the essence of luxury in our modern wedding car service, ensuring every couple feels an unparalleled sense of royalty and sophistication. In the heart of London and across the UK, we're not just providing transportation; we're crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary

Choose Imperial Ride for your wedding day, and step into a world where modern luxury meets royal treatment. Let us be more than your car service; let us be the architects of your journey in elegance, making your special day not just memorable but truly majestic.


Vintage Cars for Dreamy Weddings

Our vintage wedding car service is more than just a journey; it's a timeless adventure into the heart of romance and elegance. We understand that your wedding day is not just an event but a personal story that deserves to be told in the most beautiful way.!

Our selection of vintage cars is a testament to our love for classic beauty and sophistication. Each car, from a gracefully aged Rolls-Royce to a charmingly restored Bentley, is a piece of history, exuding an aura of romance and luxury.


Additional Wedding Chauffeur Services

Bride and Groom Transportation

Elegant and private transportation for the big day.

Hotel Shuttle for Guests

Comfortable and convenient hotel shuttle service for your guests.

Guest Shuttle Service

Efficient and organized transportation for your guests, ensuring everyone arrives on time and safely.

Photoshoot Transportation

Special vehicles available to take you to picturesque locations for your wedding photoshoot.

Special Packages for Wedding Party

Customized transport packages to suit your wedding party's needs.

Post-Wedding Brunch Transportation

Relaxed and stylish transportation options for your post-wedding brunch gatherings.

Child-Friendly Services

Safe and secure transport with child-friendly amenities like car seats.

Late-Night Pickup

Reliable late-night pickup services to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Hotel Shuttle for Guests

Comfortable and convenient hotel shuttle service for your guests.

Special Packages for Wedding Party

Customized transport packages to suit your wedding party's needs.

Luxury Cars for Parents and VIPs

Exclusive luxury car services for your special guests.

Airport Transfers

Stress-free airport transfers for your wedding guests.

Wedding Planners
Seamless Coordination

Expert transportation arrangements for the couple and their loved ones.

Venues and Caterers

Reliable transport for staff and equipment, ensuring everything is delivered and set up on time.

Wedding Guests

Out-of-town guests or those attending weddings in unfamiliar locations can benefit from chauffeur services to ensure they reach the wedding venue or accommodation without hassle.

Venues and Caterers

Wedding venues, caterers, and other vendors involved in the wedding may require transportation for their staff and equipment. Chauffeur services can ensure that these elements are delivered and set up on time.

Event Photographers and Videographers

Professional photographers and videographers need reliable transportation to cover different aspects of the wedding, from pre-wedding photoshoots to the ceremony and reception.

Musicians and Entertainers

Bands, DJs, and other entertainers who are part of the wedding event may need transportation for themselves and their equipment to and from the venue.

Hair and Makeup Artists

Hair and makeup artists who work with the bridal party often need reliable transportation to the wedding venue or bridal suite.

Floral and Decor Teams

Teams responsible for floral arrangements, decorations, and setting up the wedding venue may require transportation for their materials and personnel.

VIP Guests and Dignitaries

In some cases, weddings may involve VIP guests, dignitaries, or high-profile attendees who require chauffeur services for their comfort and security.

Pre-wedding Celebrations

Chauffeur services for engagement parties, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners, adding elegance to every pre-wedding event.

Post-Wedding Events

Providing chauffeur services for brunches, family gatherings, and post-wedding celebrations to continue the joy.

Honeymoon Transportation

Elegant and comfortable transportation to the airport or honeymoon destinations, starting the journey in style.

Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate wedding anniversaries with chauffeur-driven experiences to revisit cherished places or enjoy a romantic outing.

Proposal and Engagement Events

Chauffeur services can be used to create memorable experiences for proposal and engagement events, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

1. What areas do you cover in London?
Imperial Ride provides chauffeur services for a wide range of venues across London.

2. What type of cars do you offer for weddings?
We offer a variety of luxury cars to suit your style and comfort needs.

3. Do you offer any budget-friendly packages?
Yes, we offer budget-friendly wedding car hire packages specifically for weddings.

4. How do I book a car?
You can book your luxury car through our website or by contacting us directly via phone or email.

5. Can we use our own suppliers for decorations?
Please consult us for specifics. It may depend on the type of car and package you select.

6. Do you provide food and drink packages?
While this is not directly mentioned in the web sources, you may want to inquire directly with Imperial Ride for customized options.

7. How early should we book?
It's always better to book as early as possible, especially during wedding season, to ensure availability.

8. What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Please refer to our cancellation policy for details, which can be found on our website or by contacting us.

9. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

10. Are there any hidden charges?
All charges are transparent and will be detailed in your invoice.

11. Are your chauffeurs trained and certified?
Yes, all our chauffeurs are professionally trained and certified to ensure your safety.

12. What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?
We follow all governmental guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.


Our customers are at the heart of our services. Serving and transporting you with punctuality, dynamism, seriousness, confidentiality, and excellence are foundational to our wedding chauffeur values. We ensure availability and competence in every aspect of our service. To help you fully enjoy your unique moments, our wedding chauffeur team meticulously takes care of organizing the perfect wedding location down to the last detail. From the first contact to the end of the mission, we make every effort to meet and exceed your expectations, providing an exceptional wedding chauffeur experience.

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